Tips on Using Your Minivan to Tow Your Family Camper

If you want to see North America up close and personal, there are very few ways to do so that compare to traveling in a caravan. Set up camp wherever you like, and stay for as long as you wish. When you’re in the mood for a whole new cultural and/or natural experience, pack what you need, hitch up your travel trailer, and hit the proverbial road.1427848053435

Vans, campers, and caravans

Where vans and campers are concerned, your choices are quite varied. You can buy a camping-ready van or customize one of your own. Tow-along campers can be a simple, one-bedroom traveling accommodation or offer room to stretch out along with all the conveniences of a modern home.

Known as ‘trailers’ in the U.S. and ‘caravans’ in the U.K., your tow-along camper can be anything you like. According to Smithsonian magazine, travel trailers celebrated their 100th¬†anniversary in 2010. At the time of publication, Smithsonian estimated the number of North Americans who own some sort of recreational vehicle at more than 8 million. Today, that number is sure to be even higher. A University of Michigan study revealed that camper owners travel an average of 4,600 miles annually and spend around 26 days to do so.

The Pierce-Arrow car company unveiled the first recreational vehicle at Madison Square Garden in 1910. Called the Touring Landau, the car-camper featured a chamber pot commode, a sink behind the chauffeur’s seat, and a back seat that unfolded into a bed. Check out the Gear We Are website for sleeping bag options. Since their inception, people have been custom outfitting travel trailers of one sort or another.

The Wedding Planner actor, Matthew McConaughey, is an RV enthusiast who enjoys hitting the road in his personalised Airstream travel trailer. According to Architectural Digest, McConaughey’s 2004 Airstream International CCD 28 offers plentiful living space and includes a cosy bedroom, a streamlined kitchen, a desk and dining table, and a bathroom that’s fully equipped with a toilet, sink, and shower.

How to tow your family camper

Gone are the days when going camping entailed little more than attaching a tow hitch to the back bumper of a sturdy automobile, hooking up a trailer, and taking off. Today’s cars are mostly too lightweight to tow anything as sizable as a travel trailer. In fact, most modern vehicles would have a hard time towing a child’s wagon.

To safely tow a family camper, you’ve got to have a well-built vehicle with plenty of horsepower and a frame that can stand up to towing. Many Canadians find the Dodge Grand Caravan to be an ideal solution. This vehicle is attractive enough for daily life and offers all the horsepower one needs to pull a family camper.

No-tent Canadian camping

Explore magazine offers an exciting Top 25 list of Canadian campgrounds. Green Point at Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia is a prime example of a perfect place for families to set up camp without a tent.

Family camping provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and siblings to reconnect. With a comfortably outfitted family camper, every season is the right time to go camping.

Olivia Sharp is a Mom who loves to hit the open road with her family on weekend, and longer, vacations as they explore the U.S in their RV. She writes about travel, parenting and other lifestyle topics in her articles.

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