Top 6 Causes of HVAC Problems and How to Fix Them

HVAC systems are complex. Not only that, they may bring unprecedented problems if they are not handled well. Homeowners who have had the experience of looking over these machines with no fruitful results may feel lost and hopeless. But with some basic checkups, they do not have to feel this way. 

The major signs of HVAC failures are unexplainable high bills, uneven air pressure and sounds. It is wise to prevent problems when it comes to the compressor. If the compressor dies, the system is hard to get back to its original state.

Here are the six main causes of HVAC problems and solutions to fixing these problems:

  1. Lack of Constant Maintenance

Failure to maintain your equipment properly can result in having to replace your entire system earlier than necessary. A faulty fan, eroded wiring, or a defective compressor can all be replaced and repaired before a full system replacement is needed. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional today to discuss an appropriate maintenance schedule for your system.

  1. Water Leakage

Leakage can be due to clogs and breaks in the drain. The drain is clogged and therefore, leaks water from the furnace due to condensation. The compressor could heat up unfavorably. Apply bleach to loosen the flow. It is important to know where the leak is coming from. Evaporation pans and heat exchangers are possible originating places. 

  1. Blocked Vents and Registers

The air needs to be free-flowing. Remove any chairs and tables that get in the way of the flow. Air conditioners that are not working well may be due to wire corrosion.

  1. Dirty Filters

Air conditioner coils condense to clean up the leftover heat. Maintain the dirty ones that impede the progress. The use of the same furnace filter is the issue. To keep your kids safe, turn off the condenser unit before watering the coils. Moreover, check to see there is no other debris blocking the condenser. You want air to flow well. Having dirty filters will heat the furnace and give excess pressure to the blower. If you are buying a new filter, you can deal with the circuit breaker then. 

  1. Clogged Filters

The reason you see hot and cold spots is the lack of air movement. Changing filters regularly can help you solve this problem. 

  1. Stopped Ducts

Clogging of the filters can also bring about duct blockages. The walls can get unfavorable cracks that prevent the necessary heating and air from coming into the house. You can insulate the walls to solve this problem. Dusts are worth considering for further studies, since they are associated with a 35 to 80% rating in the monitoring of filters.

Homeowners have many types of maintenance to do, including maintaining their HVAC systems. Many may not know how to fix these machines. If you are a homeowner having difficulties figuring out what is wrong with your HVAC, contact an HVAC professional.


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