Top Cities to Visit in Eastern Canada

Taking a trip to Eastern Canada? Trying to decide which city to move to in the region? We’ve got you covered. The cities, islands, and towns on the Canadian Eastern seaboard are notable for their gorgeous landscapes and wonderful culture, offering the chance for visitors and new residents to make magical memories. Whether you are looking for an ideal vacation spot on the east coast of Canada, or looking to set down new roots, you’ll find the places below to be filled with opportunity for joy and exploration. 

  1. Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

Located in the Bay of Fundy, which is sandwiched between Canada and Maine, this island is popular for the seclusion it offers, as well as the excellent seafood, lighthouses, fishing villages, and scenic roadways. Those looking for a more intimate excursion will appreciate the offerings here.

  1. Prince Edward Island

The beaches on Prince Edward Island are exceedingly popular, with their stretches of untainted shoreline. Seafood is also excellent on the island, with mussels being the dish of choice. 

  1. Kingston

This small city on the Northern shore of Lake Ontario is not only visually rich, but has a deep history and vibrant culture. Once the capital of Canada in the 17th century, Kingston is now packed with opportunities to explore historic life, including museums and important locations like Fort Henry and the Bellevue House. 

4. Killarney

For those in search of adventures that take place in the wilderness, Killarney is the place to be. Killarney Provincial Park serves as a gateway to the popular waterways between Ontario and Quebec. The forests, lakes, and pink granite shoreline are all popular locations for visitors and residents, alike. 

5. Thousand Islands Region

Popular during the summer season, Thousand Islands is made up of 1,700 small islands, some of which have quaint cottages where you can stay. One can also day trip to the area by boat and see the spectacular Boldt Castle, a gorgeous landmark structure of stone and stained glass where one can visit and even hold an event. 

6. Quebec City

Largely thought to be a taste of Europe in North America, Quebec City has a small city charm with immaculate French colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. On holidays, public squares are often sites of community revelry, spanning from music to dancing and more.  

7. Niagara Falls

While largely thought of by Americans as an attraction in their own country, Niagara Falls also offers splendid views from the Canadian side, in Ontario. A popular tourist site for generations, the area is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, casinos, and more. 

8. Toronto

If you can only visit one place, or perhaps are exploring Eastern Canada for the purpose of moving, your best bet will be looking into Real Estate in Toronto. Considered to be one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world, this city has everything from endless entertainment opportunities to world-class restaurants. Diversity, nightlife, and historical relevance make Toronto the place to be in Eastern Canada. 

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