Tutu Terrific

Carol is amazing mind and designer behind Tutu Terrific. I have looked far and wide for a good quality Tutu and I have found them! Carol originally made a beautiful Tutu in blue and lavendar after Abby Cadabby, her grandaughters favorite Sesame Street Character! Since then Tutu Terrific has grown so offer so so much more!

“All of our tutus are made with loving hands, caring hearts, and just a sprinkle of fairy dust! We hand-make each tutu with special care  – as though we were creating them for one of our own family. The waist band of each tutu is made of non-roll, high quality elastic that will not twist or bend. We offer 3 waist sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Since the waist band is elastic, it will grow with your child.  In addition, we also make matching tutus for dolls and teddy bears! Each tutu has 8 layers of soft tulle: 4 layers of matte, and 4 layers of shiny tulle for a very full, fluffy effect.”

A tutu from Tutu Terrific will run you 28.50 plus 4.90 for shipping. Yes, this is alot for a tutu, but believe me when I promise you it is well spent! I first need to state, that shipping these tutus costs her 8, yes EIGHT dollars. The tutu comes fully fluffed in a HUGE box. The tutu is surrounded by tissue paper to insure safe arrival to your princess! It is ready to put on, right out of the box.

The description of this tutu is spot on above. The 16 layers of tulle make this the fullest, fluffiest tutu I have ever seen. The waist band is elastic so the medium tutu we were sent fits Carlee, as well as Blake who by the way, was not happy I made him wear a tutu even for a minute! The elastic in the middle is very durable and has not bent or twisted and messed up the tutu at all. I really wanted to review this well because thirty dollars plus is a lot for a tutu, and I wanted to make sure it lasted. So I gave it to the kids. Yep- gave it to them just like a matchbox car or a plastic block. The tutu has been worn, fought over, pulled, sat on, buried in the bottom of the toy box and played with for 3 weeks and it still looks like new!

Carlee wore her beautiful terrific tutu at her birthday party!

I highly recommend Tutu Terrific for the little girl in your life, I promise you, you just cant go wrong ordering one of these. We let Carlee wear her tutu to the mall the other day for professional pictures and we were stopped 12, yes 12 times, on the way to the picture place. Everyone said it was the nicest tutu they had ever seen!

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