Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Are you looking for a unique birthday gift idea this year? Maybe you are tired of gifting your loved one the same thing every year or you just want to show your appreciation by getting something unique.Birthday Party

Here are some budget and family friendly ideas that are sure to make your significant other very happy:

Take Them Camping: You will need to borrow a tent so that you only have to spend money on the essentials: gas and food. If you decide to buy a tent, the cost of this gift will run quite high. You and your loved one can have fun while pitching the tent, roasting hotdogs, and building a fire. According to the owner of, you should go camping when the weather is suitable: during the summer or spring months.

If you don’t think that your loved one would enjoy camping, investigate sending  them to  Ocean City,, Maryland. If you catch a vacation special at the Princess Bayside resort hotel,  they will be in a prime location for enjoying all the fun activities of the area.

Make a Photo Collage: You can make a personal and unique gift by putting together old photos that hold some meaning to your loved one. For instance, a photo collage consisting of photos that you have taken together with your spouse since you started dating each other or  pictures of special events with your child makes great wall art…

Commission a Pet Portrait: A pet portrait will make for a rare and unique gift, especially if your loved one has a beloved pet. Just make sure that when you take a photo of the pet, the person does not see you taking it; this might give your gift idea away. When hiring the artist who will make the portrait, make sure that you find someone who has experience and ask for a few work samples.

Invite Him/her for a Picnic: When arranging a picnic for your loved one, make sure that you pick the person’s favorite foods and drinks, not yours. Even if you hate a specific food that he/she loves, you should still pack it for the picnic. You do not have to spring for an expensive hotel, just visit the nearest park or beach.UntitledBe a Masseuse for the Day: Does your loved one love massages? If you don’t have the money for a visit to inexpensive spa, you should buy some oils and treat your significant other to a unique spa day with you as the masseuse. Just make sure that you tell the person to make time in advance.

That way, you will not prepare everything only for your significant other to show up late and ruin the gift idea.

Romantic Scrapbook: You should let your inner artist come out by starting a scrapbook project with your photos. Choose those pictures that will allow you to create stories by adding old notes, dried flowers, and fabrics that hold some meaning to both of you. Make sure that you wrap the scrapbook up and keep it hidden until the day arrives to avoid ruining the surprise.

Write a Poem: Are you a writer or have you always had a passion for writing? You should flex your literary muscles by penning a romantic poem for your loved one. Create the poem from scratch and pin it on board paper then frame it. If you are not good with words, you should still try to write something sentimental from the heart that your lover would appreciate.

Bake a cake: If you love to bake, you should make a birthday cake instead of buying it. Display your baking skills by baking a special cake for your loved one. You can find interesting recipes online and add your own personal touch by making a topping design from decorative figures or candles.

If all else fails or you do not have enough time, you can always settle for a romantic breakfast in bed.

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