Vamplets: Zombie Guinea Pig – VamPET

Gloomvanian Zombie Guinea Pigs run in herds creating chaos and destruction wherever they go.

Warning: They need room to roam so you will need to have a large sturdy compound where your baby Zombie Guinea Pig can run freely with lots of objects that can be destroyed. We would suggest heavy iron bar reinforced structures at a height of no less than 6 feet for containment of your baby Zombie Guinea Pig. Visit our VamPET containment department to view all suitable structures for acquisition. Please be aware that Gloomvanian Outworld Mail Service will take a minimum of 50-100 years for the shipment to be delivered.

The Gloomvanian Adoption Center will only be releasing a small number of VamPETS into the mortal world. The management takes no responsibility for any mayhem and destruction caused by your pet, and suggests strongly that you do not adopt one. You have been warned.

The Zombie Guinea Pig is 7.5 inches tall and retails for 18.95!


  1. Heather Augenstein says

    Daughter will flip for these!!!!!

  2. Terra Heck says

    I’m totally diggin’ it! Love the black and pink colors.

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