Vancouver: The Safe Heavens

What is so special about Vancouver that it has been ranked as the best place to live for three times already? How did it become world’s most desirable place to live?science-world-false-creek-vancouver-british-columbia-63332Vancouver, being located in British Columbia, is a buffer zone between Alaska glaciers and Canada desert and mountains. Where on earth would you find a city surrounded by warm beaches and snowy mountains? You can enjoy both warm breeze and freezing air here. The aroma of salty seawater and the fresh forest is floating over the city, as well as of the sense of adventure.

The diversity of communities here has been reflected in the Vancouver local culture. This gives Vancouver its unique aroma. Where ever you go, you feel the aroma of hundreds of cuisines.  Once you are in Vancouver, you will feel the smell of ten thousands of restaurants, perfumes, spices, coffee beans and fresh cut flowers. The wet air is turning people into amphibians here. You either stay and enjoy it or leave.

Each important decision for the city is being made taking into account experts’ comments and citizens views. Liability is the best word to describe the city, perhaps.

Over 150 years its citizens have been protecting Vancouver’s nature. They do their best to preserve the rivers, coasts, and forests. They keep them in perfect balance with the city center modern buildings and infrastructure. Let’s take the famous Stanly Park, for example.  Its territory is more than 1000 acres. Can you imagine it? You can spend weeks and even months there. Besides, you will find something new every time you go there. The only equivalent I can think of right now is Louver in Paris, which is as big and as gorgeous as Stanly Park. If you want to reach it, you may rent a bicycle or just take a long walk along the coastline. By the way, the seawalls, surrounding the Park, not only protect the roads from waves but also symbolize the access to the water available for every visitor. This is another thing Vancouver can be proud of. Not to mention that sea has always played a major role here. Vancouver is a port city and has always been associated with its bay and large ships, which, by the way, you may view from Brockton Point or Prospect Point.

Another thing to see in Vancouver, especially if you are interested in history and mythology, is its anthropology museum. You will see huge totems and masks of its indigenous people. By the way, local people built the first saloon on the request of a foreign sailor. The revenue for their work was all the whiskey they could drink in one sitting. In fact, it will be fair to say that the whole city rose around that saloon.

One thing tourists adore about Vancouver is that visiting this city is an affordable equivalent of a round-the-world trip. The thing is that you’ll be able to experience the interweaving of cultures. For instance, Vancouver has its own Chinatown with their peculiar oriental gourmet items. Not to mention that the city is a so-called culinary capital of Canada. By the way, you may find a great woman to go on a trip to Vancouver on Jump 4 love.

And these are just a few reasons to visit this paradise…


  1. Linda Peters says:

    Love Vancouver, I visit at least every 2 years when I visit my son on Vancouver Island, which is quite beautiful also. I live in the Maritimes. Thanks for posting this.

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