What To Do After a Car Accident: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to know something scary? At least 40% of drivers confess they’ve fallen asleep behind the steering wheel at one point or another. Every year drowsy drivers cause at least 100,000 car accidents!

If you were recently in a car accident, no matter what the cause was, it’s helpful to know what to do. Should you call the police even if it’s a minor crash? Also, when do you need a lawyer? To help you answer these questions, and more, we’ve created this short but complete guide.

Read on to learn what to do after a car accident.

What to Do After a Car Accident to Stay Safe

First, let’s review what to do after a car accident to keep you and your passengers safe. If the accident took place on a busy road, and your car’s drivable, pull your vehicle off the road.

Was your car rendered undrivable from the impact of the crash? Go ahead and find a moment where you can safely exit your vehicle, to get yourself out of the way of oncoming traffic. However, if you find it painful to move, or you have any visible injuries, wait for paramedics to arrive.

Always Call the Police After a Car Accident

Next, no matter how major or minor a car accident is, calling the police is always a good idea. While negotiating with the other driver may seem like a time-saving option, it can wind up costing you thousands of dollars down the road.

Know When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

When should you hire a lawyer following a car crash? Here’s a short list of situations where a lawyer can help:

  • You have an expensive vehicle
  • You’re severely injured
  • You experienced emotional distress
  • It’s unclear who’s liable for the accident
  • The insurance company isn’t cooperating

Finally, are you dealing with a complex crash involving multiple vehicles? An attorney will be able to help you deal with insurance companies, while also letting you know if you have a case. For these reasons, and more you should set up a free consultation with an attorney.

Stick to the Facts

When you’re completing a car accident report for your insurance company, make sure you stick to the facts. Here are a few facts you should include:

  • What happened before the crash
  • How the other car was driving
  • The speed you were traveling
  • Weather conditions at the time of the accident

By leaving emotions out of the equation, you’ll have a better chance of maximizing your settlement payout.

Gather Evidence

Lastly, the more evidence you can gather, the stronger your injury claim will be. Gather things like photos of the accident scene, witness testimonies, and a copy of the police report. Finally, get medical records showing your current and future expenses from your car crash injuries.

Take Care of Yourself

Knowing what to do after a car accident means being able to properly take care of yourself. By getting to a safe location, and seeking legal counsel if necessary, you’ll finally be able to start piecing your life back together. Lastly, remember to avoid negotiating with the other driver, even if it’s just a minor fender bender, and instead call the authorities.

We hope that you feel better soon, and get all of the help you need. For more ways to make smart decisions, read another one of our articles.


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