Why Should You Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

The answer should be why not? After all, being charged with violating a certain traffic regulation does not mean that you are guilty of the same. In law, it is not what a person knows. It is what they can prove. The implications of breaking the law are serious. For example, you could be fined, you could get points on your driving license, or you could have it suspended. With a good defense, you could save yourself from all this and get a refund of your bail money.

Do Not Admit Guilt

You could always pay the ticket promptly and go about your business. However, that is going to be an admission of your guilt. Now, that is something that you would like to prevent of possible. Besides, traffic tickets are not exactly cheap.

On this note, when you get a traffic ticket, you have three options in the court:

  • Plead guilty
  • Plead not guilty
  • No contest

You can go with guilty or no contest pleas and leave yourself at the mercy of the law. She can be a nasty mistress, sometimes.

If you plead not guilty, then the court will need to hear and see evidence of you committing the violation. Now in some states, the prosecutor is required to be in court and in some, it is not a requirement.

What Can Happen If You Go To Court?

By going to court, you could get the judge to reduce your fine. You could also beat the ticket and keep your driving record clean. However, going to court and defending yourself means you have to invest your time and perhaps miss other duties.

You could hire a ticket attorney to fight the battle for you. Most likely, when you do that, you will not even have to appear in court. However, note that for traffic offenses, the states do not provide free attorneys to represent you if you cannot hire one.

The government will have to provide evidence that you violated the said rule. In some states, the prosecutors are supposed to show beyond reasonable doubt that you committed all the said offenses. In some states, this kind of high standard may not be required.

The traffic office may fail to show up

Sometimes the traffic officer in charge of your case may fail to show up, which means you go scot-free. You can’t believe how many times the officers fail to show up in court for a case.

In fact, there are things that you can do to increase the chances of the officer not showing up. One of them is picking a court date that is close to the holidays. Another one is to just choose any other day apart from the one the officer indicated on the ticket.

Hearsay can save you

When the officer is relying on camera evidence alone and has not belabored the court by bringing video and camera, you can beat that evidence by invoking hearsay. If the officer did not see you violate a rule with his own eyes, just object with hearsay. That can get a case thrown out the window and you get your cash bail back.

You can see there are many benefits of contesting a traffic ticket. You may also hire an attorney to represent you so that you do not have to go to court. An attorney can get a case thrown out fast. You can find choose from cheap speeding ticket lawyers online. If you are from San Francisco, find San Francisco traffic attorney online and fight your traffic ticket to lessen or get rid of charges.

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