Womama Nursing Nightie

I cosleep with Emmitt and we are still nursing. Nursing him at night is much easier when I wear a nursing tank. The Womama Nursing Nightie is an ocean-blue, floral-trimmed nursing nightie that is great for pregnant women and nursing women.

“The Womama Nursing Nightie is made of luxurious micro-fiber and organic cotton, so it is super soft! It has a certified organic cotton built-in shelf bra with breast frame support and the maternity clips allow for easy access. The Garden Party Nursing Nightie also accommodates up to an E cup. The box pleat front adds comfort and improved fit of this nightie.”

-Designer maternity/nursing nightie
-Organic cotton built-in shelf bra
-Made of luxurious micro-fiber
-Maternity clips for convenient feeding
-Box pleat at the front for ultimate comfort

I was sent an XXLarge as I have a rather large upper half, and even though it states that it fits up to an E cup- this nightie does not come close to fitting me properly. I find the fabric to be clingy and uncomfortable- almost like swim suit material and who wants to sleep in a swim suit? Did I mention the normal price for this is 75.00? Outrageous huh? I am not sure of the wash wear or longevity of this clothing item because it literally did not even come close to fitting me in any way. All I can say is the material is uncomfortable and the sizing is way off.

You can purchase a Womama Nursing Nightie at shoppingmoa.com for 59.99.


  1. Thanks for the review. I have a larger upper half too. I really need a nursing nightie. Let me know if you find one that is comfortable and fits right.

  2. Jan Messali says

    I’ve been shopping for nursing nightgowns, so I was interested to read your review. I definitely don’t want something clingy.

  3. Amanda Larson says

    I have bookmarked this so that I can find it when we have our second kid. What a great nightie 🙂

  4. I had something similar when i was pregnant and breastfeeding my second daughter! It was a two piece though, and I actually took it to the hospital with me. SO much better then the hospital gowns! It made night time so much easier and I wasn’t always all tangled up in the night gown that the hospitals provide!

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