WorryWoo Rue

The WorryWoo Monsters, a series by Andi Green, was first seen in a New York art exhibition in 2001. Originally called The Monsters in My Head, Green wanted to create characters with a story that each embodied an emotion. Using her design and illustration background she built 5 light boxes each containing a monster with its story Xerox-transferred to the front of the box. From loneliness to confusion, she began tackling complicated feelings and transformed them into quirky, loveable characters. Her message of “embrace your emotions” received such a positive response, she was asked by many if she ever considered turning her single art pieces into storybooks. In 2002 she began to expand her concept, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she decided to publish and produce her new collection.

WorryWoo Rue

If you have a child that struggles to fit in, then Rue may be the WorryWoo for them! In Rue’s story the little monster, tries to change what might be his most perfect feature- his larger than normal nose. Strong storytelling skills convey the emotional journey Rue follows as he travels through the world of insecurity. School is not like what it used to be and kids are meaner than ever. Making sure your child is secure with themselves will give them the skills they need to not be bullied and Rue and his book help this!


Buy It: You can embrace your emotions and find your Inner WOO from WorryWoos.com for 36.00!


  1. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I think this little story and character would be perfect for a difficult transition into school for many children!

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