Zooper Twist

If you are in search of a light weight umbrella stroller that doesn’t look or feel like and umbrella stroller, I have found the perfect one for you! The Zooper Twist is a super lightweight, easy to fold umbrella stroller that is engineered to provide maximum comfort for the rider and to be easy to push, even with a heavy load over uneven landscapes.

Zooper is well known for making sure you have everything you need when you purchase your stroller! Everything you need to make the most of your Twist comes with it! Included with the Twist is:

  • Sun shade
  • Foot muff
  • Plastic cup holder
  • Infant carrier security strap

The Zooper Twist is suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 55 pounds and is car seat compatible with infant car seats that have a base of 12 inches or less! I was able to fit both my one and three year old in the Twist comfortably! My five year old was a bit to tall.

The basket under the stroller is a bit small, I was only able to fit a small diaper bag into it, but then it was quite hard to get back out. I suggest using the basket fora few toys and maybe a diaper or two!

The Twist hood is by far my favorite feature of this stroller, and it helps make up for the small basket storage space. The full-cover (and when they say full cover- they mean it) sunshade combines a UV net, rain cover, and sunshade into one single unit. Which shields your child from rain, sunlight, and UV rays, saving you the trouble of bringing and setting up attachments. A convenient pocket behind the all-purpose canopy has more than enough room for the extras I always bring along that do not fit in the diaper bag!

When it is time to put the Twist away simply pull up on the back button and slide closed! The Twist was designed for super easy folding and unfolding and the stroller size when folded is super small. Carrying the Twist around is a breeze with the easy to carry handle! It easily fits in my car trunk, with plenty of room left over!

Buy It: You can purchase the Zooper Twist for 129.99!


  1. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Wow! That is really a nice stroller. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. This does look like a very nice compact stroller. Thanks for the review.

  3. good review!

  4. Excellent comparison between your 1 and 3 year old so we can see the difference. Looks like a great buy.

  5. My sister is having a baby next month and she has been trying to find a stroller like this! I am going to tell her about this stroller, and also it looks like it would be easy to fold up while taking the bus!

  6. Now this is a stroller! I love how much coverage the baby can have

  7. HC Montgomery says

    Thank you for the review! That looks like a great, versitale stroller. My children are way beyond the stroller stage of life, but there is always a baby shower to attend. I’ll be keeping this in mind as a gift idea!

  8. I like the pocket!

  9. I love the versatility and how small it folds.

  10. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    How cute, really nice.

  11. i love how compact it gets when you fold it down!

  12. I like how compact it gets. great for people with small vehicles

  13. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the sunshade and that it closed up so small. It looks fairly light too!!

  14. Sandie Tintle says

    What will they think of next!

  15. christina serrano says

    wow! I am really excited about this. I love that it is suitable for newborns and toddlers, saves money! I also love that its lightweight!

  16. Nice colors too!

  17. Laura Miller says

    I want this stroller! We need a nice lightweight! Thanks for the review!

  18. Jessica Snow says

    This is such a nice light weight but sturdy stroller. I love the features!
    Thanks for the review! =)

  19. Nena Sinclair says

    I love that the Zooper Twist is so lightweight and portable, but still has all of the great features that the heavy strollers do and it’s adaptable to very young babies to preschoolers!

  20. Vicky Watkins says

    Sounds so easy to use and store

  21. serena adkins says

    Love that this stroller is lightweight and would love to have one

  22. Wow I love that super-huge sunshade!

  23. Brittany A. says

    Looks great!

  24. A very nice stroller ..i like the twist hood feature the best

  25. Jennifer Kreisler says

    I have been looking up the lightweight strollers for a couple of weeks now. This is great. I love the simple fold knowing that my hubby could even figure it out w/o stress. Brillant!

  26. Kim Kostiew says

    Thank for all the information on the Zooper twist stroller, love the giveaway!! Thanks a bunch!!

  27. This is quite different from other strollers!!! Love It 🙂

  28. The full cover is amazing! Perfect for any situation!

  29. This seems like a very sturdy umbrella stroller! Thanks for the review!

  30. IzzyMummy says

    What a great stroller!!! Love the full cover sun shade!!!

  31. This looks awesome! We’ve been lacking a stroller since our son outgrew the first one we had. Usually it’s fine (we walk everywhere, and as a result he can walk for about an hour by himself), but we definitely miss it sometimes. Especially in winter when his ride-on toys with the handles for us to push aren’t very useful.

  32. Love this stroller!! The sunshade is great and I love the color!!

  33. Carla Blevins says

    would love this stroller!

  34. This stroller seems awesome! Love the color as well 🙂

  35. I really love the full cover, especially since it has UV protection as well. I also like that it has the big pocket in the back of the canopy.

  36. Chevelle Sopkin says

    Wow! You weren’t kidding about the meaning “full cover” when they say it… I love it! And I also love that this could accommodate my 3yr old son who weighs 41lbs! Our Jeep stroller just bit the dust with the tires going flat & being unable to fix them 😉

  37. Michelle L says

    I hadn’t heard of this stroller before, thanks for the review! I love lightweight strollers with big canopies.

  38. This looks like a wonderful stroller to have, has so many features. Great review!!

  39. We have and LOVE a Zooper Zydeco so I’m sure the twist is just as fab. Thanks for the review.

  40. Becky Fossen says

    Thanks for the good review.

  41. I love the lightweight feature, love that it holds a child up to 55lbs, and that it has a FULL cover hood 🙂

  42. Olivia Arnold says

    We REALLY need this and I am praying that we win!

  43. Karen Hansen says

    I love the Zooper Twist stroller – we are looking for a new umbrella stroller and the Zoopers are number one in our search. Thanks for the great review 🙂

  44. nice stroller, i have been researching them for a while, and the Zooper Twist is the best I have found.

  45. I need a new stroller and this looks great! Thanks for the review!

  46. I think this stroller is awesome!! I do find the cost to be a little pricey, but looks/sounds to be of very nice quality!!!

  47. rebeka deleon says

    having another baby so i need another stroller. either that or just get a triple stroller…

  48. Love anything that’s easy to use & lightweight! But the fact that the handles are supposed to be taller are the selling factor for me!

  49. christelle melin rodas says

    Thanks for such a great review, love the infos, looks like a great lightweight stroller!!

  50. erica sandwall says

    What a great stroller!!! Love the full cover sun shade!!! I hadn’t heard of this stroller before, thanks for the review!

  51. Kelly Mills says

    love the shade in the front and that its lightweight

  52. Krystal @ Uh Oh Mom! says

    I love that it has a full cover shade/rain cover.

  53. kelly nicholson says

    i like how it folds up..it would make a great gift

  54. Liliana Montemayor says

    The lightweight is calling my name!! I hate that I can hardly pick up mine to put it in my car’s trunk :=(

  55. Sarah Barker says

    Thanks for the honest review! It sounds like a great stroller!

  56. IRENE CYPHER says

    I like that it folds up small.

  57. Maude Nosky says

    Love that it”s light weight & easy to fold up! Would be a wonderful gift!

  58. A friend of mine could really use this!

  59. what a nice stroller, with lots of storage and folds compactly flat.

  60. love the full cover shade

  61. I love this! We just bought an umbrella stroller yesterday from Walmart and there were SO many things I would change, and I’m glad to see that the Zooper Twist does that! The little basket underneath on an umbrella stroller makes a world of difference.

  62. Lisa Landolfi says

    I love this! It would fit perfectly in my trunk and great for when my grandchildren visit 🙂

  63. Amazing! I think I just found the solution yo my giant stroller problem!

  64. I love that it folds small and still can hold the infant seat.

  65. Jennifer Hatfield says

    I love how small this folds up, it would be perfect to lug around with my busy family

  66. This would be a much better option for us for airport manouvering (instead of a travel system).

  67. Thao Nguyen says

    I love the cover shade and it’s light weight

  68. Im all up for lightweight compact stroller =)

  69. Nikole H. says

    Finally a stroller that comes with all the ‘extras’ instead of having to pick them up piece by piece!

  70. I love the shade cover! Living in Arizona, that would be handy!!!

  71. Marilee Kutz says

    Were expecting our First Grandchild…And we just found out ” It’s a Boy ” Yea!! But we could really use this!! Thank You for this Wonderful Giveaway!!

  72. D Schmidt says

    I really like the look of this stroller and particularly like it goes upto 55ibs

  73. Becky Marie says

    I would love to try this stroller.

  74. ronda peyton says

    i love how small it folds up and that it is lightweight

  75. the full shade thing is reallllllly nice and useful!

  76. sherry moore says

    i love that its lightweight and keeps baby out of the rain : )

  77. Love the color,and so easy to use,what a breeze

  78. Shantell J says

    I love this stroller it will be great for my son it keeps the sun light out when it is hot outside

  79. Cheyenne Wilkerson says

    Very cool! I love the color too!

  80. I love how small the zooper folds up. A perfect stroller to keep in your car for on the go 🙂

  81. I love that it is lightweight,


  83. This is going on my list of stroller options. I need a lightweight stroller for those times when my older child doesn’t need one and I can leave the very heavy sit n stand at home!

  84. Sara Campbell says

    I love that this stroller is lightweight. I would definitely use this alot. I do not need a lot of space under my stroller, so this one would work well.

  85. Love how lightweight this stroller is.

  86. Amanda Frith-Thomas says

    I love the color of the stroller! So fun!

  87. Rebecca Wood says

    Love that sunshade! Also, its compact, lightweight, and it’s such a cute color!

  88. Diane Sallans says

    this has got a lot of great features!

  89. I really like how the shade can be pulled all the way down to help block out the sun.

  90. Andrea Merrill says

    I really love this. Especially the color selections

  91. Anastasia @ eco-babyz says

    Love how roomy it is, and perfect for travel!

  92. I love the color and have been looking for a stylish light weight stroller.

  93. Terri Betz says

    Great, honest review! Love that it’s easy to fold up and love the protection shield! This would be a really great stroller for the first time Mom I know! She has no car so it would be great for walking to the bus in all the Washington state weather! And can be folded up to ride the bus! Thanks for the info! 🙂

  94. Spring Ross says

    I really appreciate your down to earth review. Thank You

  95. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love that it’s lightweight and folds down so small! Love the sunshade too!

  96. Michelle Feliciano says

    I love that it goes from newborn to 55 pounds!

  97. Jennifer Sands says

    I love this stroller. The Umbrella is really nice. I also like that its Lightweight.

  98. I already have a jogging stroller from Zooper and it’s really good!

  99. crystal lane says

    i love the fact it keeps baby outta of the rain although my baby loves the rain she just laughs.

  100. Constance Zimmer says

    I wish they had something this lightweight, sturdy and convenient when MY children were small!!!! Seems like 20 years ago all of the strollers weighed a TON!!! This will be PERFECT for my granddaughter, though!!! 🙂

  101. Monica Platz says

    It looks so state of the art and convenient! Easy peasy!

  102. Nichole Gibson says

    I am simply amazed at all this stroller is! I love that it folds compact, and also is infant seat compatible! That is AMAZING! Great review. 🙂

  103. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Love that it is light weight and yet holds up to 55 lbs.

  104. Vanessa Dalton says


  105. kaitlin hay says

    seems like an awesome stroller!!

  106. I love that its lightweight and will fit in my trunk for easy access

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  107. Shelley R says

    Great review! I would love this stroller!

  108. Deanna Sysco says

    I would LOVE to win this for my nice . I’m afraid I’ve never been able to give her any gifts threw the years and she just had her 3rd baby

  109. Ashley Vidro says

    This stroller looks amazing!

  110. that stroller is everything my husband wants. He is always up for packing smaller and lighter! looks amazing!

  111. Love the full cover, no need for extras.

  112. Christina Isaac says

    I love that this is like an umbrella stroller on steroids!! This is going on my registry!! LOL

  113. Angela Reed-Warren says

    I love the stroller being lightweight and easy to store in my truck.

  114. I like the full cover. I always have a hard time adjusting my stroller hood to try to shade my daughter, and it never seems to cover her completely.

  115. Tiffany O says

    These look awesome and I would love to have one!

  116. Kim Rogers says

    Looks great and I would love to have one!

  117. Karina Lee says

    this stroller looks great

  118. I love that it looks so lightweight like an umbrella stroller but has way more features!

  119. courtney hennagir says

    i love the hood! would be great for our rainy weather.

  120. Maria Baker says

    I love that looks super light n nice 🙂 Would love to win this… Wish me luck

  121. love the stroller! it is totally does a huge coverage for kids especially when it’s sunny or raining. totally super zooper!!

  122. Donna Jean Baker says

    I would love to win this stroller OMG how convenient and the huge cover for the baby keeping out the sun and the rain just had an issue with this the other day here in rainy sunny Florida! I would love this!

  123. Looks like a great stroller to have for running errands, etc. Love how it can accommodate a car seat as well.

  124. Really nice stroller!

  125. Larisa Kudisheva says

    I am going to show it to my sister. She will need a stroller for the new baby.

  126. great review.

  127. Christy Grimsbo says

    This is awesome! I really want one of these!!! 🙂

  128. Danielle Ring says

    Now you’ve got me wanting on if these….And I don’t NEED another stroller…. LOL…

  129. Wendi Scharrer says

    This is a very nice stroller. I really like the storage and the full cover.

  130. would love one need one bad, great review

  131. terry maigi says

    love it!

  132. Terri Moore says

    I love that it has a top to shade them from the wind and the sun, especially since they are facing forward. this would be wonderful to have and get lots of exercise and fresh air. thanks for a great giveaway.

  133. Melessa Castle says

    This is such a pretty stroller, and I would love to have it, I love all the features plus the colors are so pretty, this is my first baby and I only want what would be the best thing for my child…

  134. Denise Nutile says

    Wish I had this stroller on our recent trip to Walt Disney World. I think this would have been much better than the stroller we used. Folds compactly, nice recline, and large sunshade. Very stylish too. Thanks for reviewing.

  135. jamie Davis says

    I like that the sun shade is so large.

  136. Great shade and storage. Also very stylish design.

  137. love the sunshade as well as the idea that it’s lightweight. absolutely a mommy must have!

  138. Mia Buchsein says

    This is a great review. Really gives me all the information I was looking for! Thank you.

  139. Great design

  140. I LOVE what the hood can do! How cool!

  141. Nichole O'Brien says

    I am in desparate need for a good stoller. I have one that is super hard to push and my daughter hates it!

  142. Colleen Fowler says

    this is fantastic I love how it folds so easily!

  143. Do you have to buy an adapter to use with a carseat?

  144. Love that this will grow with them!

  145. Rita Spratlen says

    I love the colors. Thanks for the nice review. The poor baby was upset and covering his head up didn’t make him happier I bet!!! This looks like a nice stroller to have and it is nice it is lightweight too!

  146. This looks awesome!

  147. Crystal Irvin says

    So I really want one!!!

  148. THat is a nice stroller. I love how small it folds down and that it is lightweight enough to lift one handed…

  149. I like that it is similar to the umbrella stroller, at the same time bigger. It also seems to be very light weight which a lot of mom’s and dad’s like. I know I do!! Very good review!!

  150. Tasha Schifsky says

    love how small it gets down too! so much nicer than those cheap umbrella strollers!

  151. Chandra Guill says

    Thank you for the review! What a fantastic stroller! I would love to own one. I really like the shade that keeps the sun, wind, and rain off of the child. How fabulous!

  152. heidi crowley says

    I love the amount if storage this umbrella stroller has

  153. Kasundra Ables says

    Loving this stroller. It is convenient in any weather condition and the folding for easy portability is exceptional. Great review.

  154. Joyce Reynolds says

    Love this stroller.Would love to get this for a friend!

  155. Doreen Musson says

    This looks like a great stroller!

  156. This looks perfect for my tall 2 year old! We could use it for our upcoming Disney trip!

  157. This sounds like a dream! So many heavy strollers out there and this would be great for quick trips to the mall or a quick walk. My daughter lives part-way on gravel road and sounds like the wheels would be OK on that terrain. I love the color of this one too! They have limited storage already and may need to move from a house to an apartment, so the small fold is important. Never would have believed her little preemie guy would be strong enough, big enough to use a sit up stroller like this but he is READY! Thanks for the great review and especially the pictures.

  158. Priscilla Benavides says

    I love that it is compact and would fit perfectly in the trunk of our small car.

  159. maggie king says

    I love that it’s so lightweight….strollers are so heavy and bulky you have to have a professional weight lifter with you most of the time lol

  160. love this stroller

  161. This looks like an amazing stroller, I would love to own this for my 8 month old daughter who love to go one walks with mommy !

  162. I like that its lightweight. Big plus in my book.

  163. This would be perfect for us! I love how lightweight and portable this stroller is and it’s so pretty! We live far outside of town so we will need something that can handle roads that aren’t great when our little one arrives next year!

  164. love the twist hood. awesome

  165. Lisa Welch says

    This is exactly the stroller that my daughter needs for her baby! Lightweight, loads of storage, perfect for those trips to the mall!

  166. This is exactly what I’m looking for and I LOVE the car. I know there isn’t usually lots of storage with umbrella strollers but thank you for adding the comment!

  167. Thanks for the review. We are new to the market of baby gear and its always helpful to read reviews of products we are concidering

  168. Angela Lustre says

    Thanks for the review!

  169. Melissa DuBois says

    The review was fantastic I think my sister would love this stroller

  170. This is such a great looking stroller! It’s very functional too!

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  172. marsella romero says

    I love how you can bring down the back to lay down, and how it folds up so easily

  173. I love it! It would fit in our car easy for day trips and fun outings! And it’s so compact we could totally have room to bring some stuff back from our outings hehe

  174. Kathleen B says

    I love the hood and that it offers full coverage.

  175. peggy fedison says

    i would love to win this stroller. my son’s girlfriend is pregnant – due jan 8. they have no money.. no job every bit helps, right? urgh. 🙂 thank you for opportunity for giveaway

  176. I love the canopy! That is one of my pet peeves about many of the other strollers out there.

  177. I like the stroller, especially the canopy!

  178. I love how easy it folds up and the canopy too! How creative.

  179. i love the full sun cover. this stroller is perfect for travelling.

  180. I love how it folds easily and can be stored in small spaces!

  181. I love that it folds so small! I barely have room for groceries with the jumbo one i tote around!

  182. I think this is a great idea for strollers, would like to get one for my daughter who is having a baby 🙂

  183. Liz Ticona says

    Wow this is a great stroller! I’m collecting some research to get the best stroller for my baby who is due soon. thank you for the review! 🙂

  184. I love the canopy and the option to tilt back with such a light weight stroller. Would love to have this for my month old nephew.

  185. wow this looks like an amazing stroller

  186. I would love to win one of these. It has what i want with out buying the big bulky stroller that has the same functions.

  187. That hood is awesome! I just took my daughter for a long walk yesterday, and when she fell asleep the canopy just didn’t cover enough and the sun was on her the whole time.

  188. Deb Dorrington says

    This is a great looking stroller, the other umbrella strollers are just too light and have a tendency to tip. I love the canopy with the zippered pocket.

  189. Torie Peters says

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! One day, I will win one of yours… I am determined! lol and this would be so much help financially 🙂

  190. I’ve been researching strollers for awhile since my daughter will be outgrowing her infant car seat & snap-n-go stroller soon. The Twist has the most features at a great price point! Even though it weighs ~18 lbs, it is still compact and hubby approved. Can’t wait to get one!!

  191. I love the full cover canopy!! And the extra storage!!!

  192. I really like how it functions as a larger stroller with its features, but is an umbrella stroller. Hoping we win, as this is exactly what I need 🙂 Great product for sure!

  193. lisa markson says

    I love the canopy and the lightweight of the stroller as a mom we carry way to much as it is.

  194. I LOVE how lightweight this stroller is. I need something that isn’t so bulky and heavy and this looks GREAT!

  195. Pemala Marks says

    This stroller is awesome what a great review I think you answered all of the questions I would have had

  196. Bettie Theriot says

    Terrific review, great stroller. Love the canopy.

  197. Jessica Compton says

    Love the color and the design!

  198. the canopy is great

  199. It looks like it would be very comfy to take a walk with.

  200. Denise Silva says

    I love the Zooper twist especially how portable it is collapses well!

  201. Should only a car seat be used for newborns? How else is it suitable for them?

  202. Margarite H says

    I love this stroller and review! I really like that is covers the child completely, especially here in rainy Seattle! Folds nicely and goes up to 55lb….great long term use, great review…I want it!

  203. Christina C says

    Love how compactly it folds, and I love the great colors!

  204. Emily Williams says

    I love the big shade, that is so important! There is something about a well- made stroller that speaks to me:)

  205. Terelyn Killpack says

    Thanks for the review (& pictures) – Love how it folds up & how the sunshade will cover the child completely. Thanks again!!

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  207. Kelly King says

    I love this stroller and the way it folds up to fit anywhere! Thanks!

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    This stroller look fabulous the color is great and it looks really useful 🙂

  209. Is it compatible with a chicco keyfit 30 infant carseat?

  210. Love the full cover and how compact it is when folded!

  211. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  212. the big shade would be great for the florida sun!

  213. nancy vecchione says

    Love the review, showed lots of great details which is always helpful.

  214. Love that its lightweight and compact.

  215. so nice to know that carrying the Twist around is a breeze with the easy to carry handle! It easily fits in the car trunk, with plenty of room left over!

  216. I love the colors available as well as how compact it is!

  217. Lacey Crochet says

    Thanks for the review. The models look like they fit comfortably in the stroller, which I find very important. I love the big shade. Looks like a great stroller – but seems like something I would like to “try” first.

  218. Stephanie P. says

    Awesome stroller!

  219. Angie Andrews says

    Thanks so much for the review, I never would have looked at this stroller otherwise….Didn’t think I would be able to find a compact stroller suitable for my large 6 week old. I don’t have an infant car seat because only one brand of car seat will fit in my Elantra (I have 3 kids) The stroller I have now is heavy and bulky but this one looks like it will take up very little room in my trunk and will be lightweight. I also love the hood designed to protect the baby from the elements.

  220. Love this stroller! It looks very convenient and simple to use compared to most of today’s strollers.

  221. vickie schlicher says

    Love it

  222. kool

  223. Brittany Lailer says

    I love this.

  224. baby bottom line says

    looove the colour

  225. looks like it folds nicely would be perfect for our zoo trips

  226. Danielle L. says

    Love how compact it is and the colors are great.

  227. Love the ocean blue color and that it lounges all the way back so they can sleep comfortably and the canopy goes forward all the way to protect them from the elements. Hope I win this, but if not, I think I just might spend ahem…$200 to get one

  228. awesome. I would love to have this for the kids.

  229. Love the color, the compact fold, and how lightweight it is! Great stroller!

  230. Ashley Moore says

    I love how small it folds, perfect for my small car!!

  231. Jayne @ Four Parks, One Day says

    It’s good they provided the pocket since the basket is so small. I’m glad it fits bigger kids, too.

  232. Cathy Davis says

    These look amazing! I want one! 🙂

  233. Great review!

  234. Melissa H. says

    Wow, I really like the full cover! What a great feature, especially for protecting little skin from UV rays!

  235. Super cute. we have been looking for a new stroller, ours is about on its last leg(so to say). I like the way the sunshade also works as a rain protector. It is always raining here and walking the older kids to and from school puts us out in the rain quite often.

  236. Very compact and a great sunshade. I love the pocket at the back too! Very convenient. 🙂

  237. Charity Gaspar says

    I have used a zooper before and they are THE BEST!!!! light weight but really sturdy and comfortable for the kiddies.

  238. Melissa Leinart says

    I love the portability of it. This would be great to take to the park.

  239. Candi LaFreniere says

    Love the how it is lightweight and the colors!

  240. Shawna Lambert says

    This looks like what I will need when I am done with my double stroller! Thanks for the review 🙂

  241. What I wonder is if it’s comfortable for taller people? I always had a problem with umbrella strollers because my husband felt like he had to hunch over to use it.

  242. Kate Moore says

    OMG I am in love with that sun shade! Perfect for shading sleeping babies. And I love how it looks like a bigger stroller and has many of the same features, but folds up small enough for the trunk of my sedan. Perfect 🙂

  243. Tammie Flynn says

    Just wanted to say how awesome it would be to win this for my grandson. We have a lot of appointments to go to for his autism and it would make transporting him so much easier.

  244. love that the zooper twist has a weight limit of 55 lbs.

  245. Looks like the perfect grandma stroller. I have been searching for a stroller to keep at my home for when I watch my granddaughters and this seems ideal.

  246. love to try this, Im 7 months pregnant..be perfect!

  247. Eileen Charbonneau says

    Love, Love the look and ease of the use of the stroller, great colour and looks like it will be used for a long time and very durable, so will be used by more than one child!!!!

  248. Wow !! What a great stroller….

  249. Lindsay Garcia says

    I love how compact it is yet so versatile!

  250. Wondering how it compares to the Maclaren Techno’s smooth ride/ turning?

  251. Love how light it seems…my current carriage is almost as heavy as the car. Love the color for the boys too!

  252. i llove the lightweightness of it and the large canopy

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