Crocs Yukon Flip

My husband is a flip flop lover. To be honest every November I have to go through the house, find all his summer flip flops and hide them till it is warm weather again, or else he will wear them while it is snowing! That is how much he loves them! However- for him to really love a pair it needs to have specific qualities. It must be comfortable, come in a size big enough for him and be a neutral color that he can wear with pretty much his clothing!

The Crocs Yukon Flip has all the qualities he wants, plus one that I love.

They have all the style of a pair of classic Crocs, but in flip flop form! The rugged leather upper and comfortable Croslite material sole makes this flip flop super comfortable. It comes in both black and espresso so it is neutral color to match any and all outfits you plan to wear. My husband wears a size 12 wide and it is sometimes hard to find him shoes that fit, thankfully these Crocs come in sizes 7-13!

Even though his shoe is huge- somehow Crocs managed to keep it super light weight, Nathan says he can barely tell he is wearing shoes when he has these on! I love that the shoes are odor resistant. Nathan does not have really smelly feet, but when he wears normal flip flops in the rain they seem to hold in some of the moisture and never smell ‘normal’ again.

Oiled leather upper for durability.
Croslite™ material midsole for lightweight cushioning.
Circulation nubs on footbed stimulate blood flow.

Buy It: You can purchase a pair of Crocs Yukon Flips from for 40.00


  1. My husband doesn’t wear flip flops too often, but he loves a good quality pair when he does. These look great!

  2. Diane K. Brimmer says

    I love crocs! They are so wonderful! My husband didn’t want them, till I bought him so anyway. He now loves them.

  3. Ohh, my husband would love these!

  4. ohkeeka [The Type A Housewife] says

    These look really comfortable & they’re a good alternative for guys who don’t want to wear the original Crocs!

  5. How neat that they are odor resistant, if that is one thing my fiance needs in shoes that is definitely it!!

  6. Deb Dorrington says

    I love my Crocs, wear them as soon as the snow leaves the ground. My husband is not really a fan of flip flops, only wears them at the beach, and he doesn’t like the original Crocs but I think he would like these!

  7. I also prefer neutral toned flip-flops/sandals. Something like Birkenstocks. These look nice.

  8. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I love Crocs and I didn’t know that they make flip flops too.

  9. Mary Gallardo says

    These are so great looking, and crocs makes some awesomely comfortable flip flops!

  10. Laura Grace Andry says

    I love crocs, especially when I was working and had to wear closed toe shoes during the summer. Now that I stay at home I am flip flop girl and had NO idea crocs made flips! Must go shopping!

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