Scentsy: Spring & Summer Bars

Having a great smelling home is something I take pride in. With six kids, two cats and a husband some days I feel like it is a battle just to keep my home smelling normal, never mind nice! Scentsy makes keeping my house smelling great so easy. All I do is break off a chunk of a bar, toss it in my warmer and my house instantly smells amazing.

With spring almost past us and summer around the corner I have turned to only summer scents (needless to say I can not wait for summer!) Bright sunlight bursts into your room a little earlier every morning, while long evenings invite lingering conversation with friends. Sandy beaches and lush gardens beckon. Scentsy’s Spring & Summer fragrances tempt you with all the pleasures of the season: fresh, juicy fruit; full, fragrant flowers; and exotic, engaging experiences you look forward to all year.

Spring & Summer Scents Include:
Beach-Papaya and honeydew sweetened with a hint of coconut.
Cherry Limeade-Zesty key lime, sweet cherry, and juicy berry: a delicious scent reminiscent of a soda fountain drink.
Honey, Do!– Lush, ripe honeydew melon and cantaloupe, and a hint of garden mint.
Jumpin’ Jelly Bean– Crisp pear and apple, zesty lemon, and sugar evoke sweet childhood memories
Lilacs & Violets– Perfect combination of lilacs and violets — the smell of spring!
Lonicera– Taste the sweet nectar from a honeysuckle trumpet as warm amber and patchouli hover above a spring garden.
Lush Gardenia-The creamy, full scent of classic gardenia, with a whisper of tuberose.
Mums & Marigolds– The sunny scent of summer marigolds, rosy rhubarb, earthy cedar, and musk.
Red Candy Apple– Macintosh apples, raspberry jam, berries, and strawberry milk, with brown sugar and cotton candy.
Simply Strawberry– A juicy ripe strawberry plucked straight from the patch, with hints of green vine and tart seeds.
Sugar– Fruity blend of lemon drops and cotton candy.
Surfer Chick– Bubbly lemon tonic and guava frolic with sweet cherries and blackberries in this youthful scent.
Tingelo– A mélange of sweet fruit and tangy citrus: tangelo, lemon, and apricot, enhanced by fragrant lychee berry.
Two Harbors– Escape to distant shores with tart Meyer lemon and refreshing lime, warmed by sweet vanilla and golden amber rays.
Yuzu Dragon-A burst of fruit that simply sparkles: fresh guava and honeyed nectarine spiked with exotic dragonfruit and yuzu.

If you are looking for something to keep your house smelling amazing, or just looking to smell summer a few weeks early make sure you check out the entire Scentsy Spring & Summer collection!

Buy It: You can purchase Scentsy Spring & Summer bars from for 5.00, three bars for 14.00 or six bars for 25.00!


  1. I love how long Scentsy bars last. I bet the Jumpin’ Jelly Bean smells great. Thanks for the post. I didn’t even think about summer scents. I usually go with my same old favorites. I will have to check out some new scents.

  2. All these scents sound heavenly! I haven’t tried Scentsy yet but really want to give it a go soon. I think my favorites would be Beach and Surfer Chick!

  3. Cherry Limeade would be great for summer smells.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I have never tried Scentsy, but the fact that it lasts so long inclines me to try it, especially the fruit ones

  5. i’ve heard so much about these but never purchased any of them! i love the huge variety of scents-i bet they smell amazing!

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