2018 Chevrolet Tahoe

Disclosure: Chevrolet let me test drive a Tahoe for a week! If style, luxury and interior space are on your must have list for a vehicle- then the Chevy Tahoe may just be the SUV for you!The interior has been completely redesigned. Inspired by the craftsmanship of high-end wristwatches, the appearance of the instrument cluster is intricate and refined.  Premium materials contribute to the functional, sophisticated design. Storage in the center console is large enough to fit a laptop computer, diaper bag or large purse.. Plus, the 8-inch color touch-screen slides up to reveal space behind the display to … [Read more...]

Volvo XC90: First Drive

Do you need a minivan but don't want a minivan? Then you must read this post. The 2016 Volvo XC90 is a seven-passenger large luxury crossover that is perfect for those with young children at home or grandparents that often have visitors. It represents a very large step forward for Volvo with innovative powertrains (including a plug-in hybrid), distinctive styling, an ultra-modern and high-tech cabin, and numerous safety advancements.The XC90 was due for an update. There wasn't really anything wrong with the current model, accept it hasnt been updated since 2003. However, the fact that Volvo hasn't … [Read more...]

2014 Toyota Highlander

Disclosure:  The Highlander in the feature below was provided to me for a week compliments of Toyota! Have a large family? Not ready to make the switch to a minivan yet? Then the 2014 Toyota Highlander with seating for up to eight, advanced luxury and stylish design, may just be the perfect vehicle for you. The Highlander looks much smaller on the outside than it is on the inside, which I learned to really appreciate when trying to fit into tight parking spaced. The exterior features a dramatic new grille that really turns heads and attractive chrome roof rails. My husband was impressed that even … [Read more...]

2013 Honda Pilot

Disclosure:  The Pilot in the feature below was provided to me for two weeks compliments of Honda! If you have outgrown your car or crossover and are not quite ready to make the move to a minivan, I am sure the Honda Pilot is on your list of vehicles to check out. The ultra spacious SUV can accommodate many different types and sizes of families. Have three kids and need a ton of trunk space? Have six kids and need a vehicle that can comfortably seat them all? The Pilot may be the perfect vehicle for you! I have met (and am friends with) many a people who are simply against owning a minivan. However at … [Read more...]

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

With a host of styling refinements for 2013, the Outlander Sport redefines what an affordable crossover can be. The Outlander Sport is much like its big brother the Outlander, but smaller! With up to 49.5 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for five, the Outlander Sport is designed to fit you! Rated at 25 city MPG and 31 highway by the EPA with a starting sticker price of only 19,170.00, it is the perfect every day car for smaller families. The Outlander is a stylish little crossover! The newly redesigned front and rear fascia, along with a two-tone color scheme added to its already sculpted … [Read more...]

2013 Kia Sportage

If you are looking for a crossover that is distinctive looking, boasts good fuel economy is fun to drive, can fit two extra large car seats and a huge double stroller, than the 2012 Kia Sportage may be the crossover for you! The Sportage gets a whopping 27 highway miles per gallon which is super high for a crossover. You will get around 20 if all your driving is city. During my test drive I got 24 miles per gallon which allowed me to use only a half a tank during my one week test drive, in which I used the Sportage and only the Sportage to run all my errands! The Sportage ranks 6 out of 21 when it … [Read more...]

2013 Kia Soul

The 2013 Kia Soul is an unmistakably stylish, practical, and affordable car that blends elements of a crossover, a station wagon, and a mini van into a single vehicle! The Kia Soul is an inexpensive, roomy, useful, and distinctive looking vehicle that offers you everything you need in a new vehicle! The Soul I tested below is the Soul ! with all the extras, painted a beautiful Molten red with a sticker price of $23,575. We borrowed the Kia for a week long test drive and shuttled kids, groceries and went on road trips to test the family friendliness of it and I was honestly quite surprised at how much I … [Read more...]