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About Us

Why hello there! My name is Skye. My husband (a disabled veteran) and I have been best friends for nine years. Together we are raising six wonderful children, a super energetic American Bully dog and an independent rescued kitty cat.. I have been running Real Mom Reviews since November 2010 and have been a nationally certified child passenger safety technician (CPST) since June 2013!

Having six children means that I have done my fair share of shopping for products my family needs. I am a twenty six year old, middle class mom from Pennsylvania and I don’t like to part with money unless I know it is on a product I am going to love. For the longest time I relied on consumer reports and the ratings on websites to influence my decision on what product I was going to buy. But then I took a step back and realized that most of the reviews I was reading were negative reviews. Consumer report sites have become places for people to complain and I rarely see a positive review or what someone actually likes about the product which is something I for sure what to know before purchasing an item, so I decided to start writing my own.

img_0008Real Mom Reviews is a PR Friendly site. All the products on Real Mom Reviews are subject to real-world testing. I will stroll your stroller around the mall, park, and sidewalks- and I will have to attempt to fold it in the rain, while two kids are crying. My kids will sip, suck, chew, and bite on your sippy cups. My family will use your product like it intended to be used- and then I will report back to my readers what we all thought of it.


The Real Mom Reviews team is a blended family! My husband and I have four children of our own (Ethan, Carlee, Emmitt and Caleb) as well as custody of two of our nephews (Blake and Derrick)!

Blake is the oldest and the leader of our pack. He is kind and caring, unless you mess with his little brothers or sister- only he is allowed to do that! He is for sure the biggest helper around the house and always willing to lend a friend a hand!

img_0012Derrick is our shy boy. He loves cuddles and story time and loves to be outside! It takes some time for him to warm up to new people, but once he does you’ve got yourself a buddy for life.

img_0041Ethan is our most outgoing and outspoken child! He is a very daring (and dangerous) child and is always up for a challenge. He has quite the soft side as well and is a true mommas boy at heart!

Carlee is our one and only girl and quite the princess! But don’t let the title princess fool you- she’s as rough and tough as the boys and loves to be the center of attention!

img_0068Emmitt is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet! He is an huge animal lover and can often be found toting around one of our cats. Daddy is his best friend and his favorite activity is torturing his big sister!

img_0024Caleb is our newest little one. He enjoys long naps, boobie milk and being held by mommy.

10372735_765889640130182_295928381725443749_nYes, my hands are full! Yes, I am always busy! However,  I would not have my life any other way! Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.