Nuby: Easy Grip Bottle Brush

Doing dishes is one of my least favorite chores. Washing bottles and cups is by far the worst part of dishes. It takes for ever to cram the sponge down and into the cups and get them all clean. And then I have to scrub the nipples to get them clean.  Nuby sent me their Easy Grip Bottle Brush a week or so ago- and now washing cups is one of my favorite chores! The Easy Grip Bottle Brush features a soft, textured handle that allows me to maintain a secure yet comfortable grip when getting down deep into cups!  The handy Nipple Brush conveniently stores inside the handle when not in use! We use … [Read more...]

Nuby: 3 Stage Grow Nurser

The Nûby 3 Stage Grow Nurser can be used from birth through to toddler. This unique feeding system starts as a bottle a variable flow Non-Drip Nipple that features anti-colic valves to reduce the risk of colic and teething nubs to massage baby’s gums. The nipple is easy to use and prevents spills and leaks. As your baby begins to develop and grow, the easy grip handles are easily attached so they can start to feed themselves. The soft, silicone No-Spill Spout (included) replaces the nipple as your child begins the transition from bottle feeding to cups! Does it leak? As long as the nipple is properly … [Read more...]

Ba Baby Bottle Holde

If you have a child that has ever used a bottle or  sippy cup, than you know all about the pick it up game. Baby drops is on the floor and you pick it up. Then baby drops it on the floor and.. well you know all about this game right? Well- I have finally found a solution to this horrible game. The ba is a bottle accessory designed to assist infants and toddlers in building early independence and confidence when feeding. However- it also makes the cup more fun for baby to hold! Its design allows for small hands to grab and hold bottles with ease. Now, infants and toddlers can easily grasp their own … [Read more...]


Emmitt and I just hit the 11 month mark of nursing! I am very proud of both him and I! Recently I decided to start giving Emmitt water with a bit of juice and since my boobs do not produce water or juice I need a bottle to put them in, but Emmitt is quite picky and nothing is like mommy! The design of the mimijumi bottle is based on the psychological dynamics of feeding items as transitional objects. The benefits of breastfeeding are well known, but breastfeeding is not always practical in today's society, and as I stated earlier- try as I might I can not produce apple juice! Created with input … [Read more...]