Nuby: Easy Grip Bottle Brush

Doing dishes is one of my least favorite chores. Washing bottles and cups is by far the worst part of dishes. It takes for ever to cram the sponge down and into the cups and get them all clean. And then I have to scrub the nipples to get them clean.  Nuby sent me their Easy Grip Bottle Brush a week or so ago- and now washing cups is one of my favorite chores!

The Easy Grip Bottle Brush features a soft, textured handle that allows me to maintain a secure yet comfortable grip when getting down deep into cups!  The handy Nipple Brush conveniently stores inside the handle when not in use!

We use our Easy Grip Bottle Brush all the time! It is great for things that I can’t get my hand into to wash like…




I also use the brush for things with lots of cracks and crevices:

The hidden handle brush is perfect for bottle nipples and sippy cup tops!


When I am all done washing, I stick the nipple brush back on the end of the handle and lay it on the mat to try with the cups, bottles and glasses!

Buy It: You can purchase the Nuby Easy Grip Bottle Brush from for 4.95 for a two pack!

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  1. I’ve used these bottle brushes before, but I never considered them for anything but baby bottles. It would certainly help with the tall thin glasses and coffee travel mugs. Problem for me is that there is no way to stand them up and dry the bottle brush. I hated that part the most. Do they have a drying stand that I don’t know about? Something similar to a toilet brush holder? Obviously different, the idea would be the same though.

  2. Although my kids are long out of bottles, I really should purchase a brush to have on hand for cups, glasses and toys. Great suggestion!

  3. My daughter is currently on sippy cup. I think, I shud buy this brush to clean it perfectly.

  4. This Easy Grip Bottle Brush features a soft, textured handle that allows me to maintain a secure yet comfortable grip when getting down deep into cups! This will be very helpful.

  5. Amber Long says

    Love these!

  6. Julie Gernhardt says

    I love bottle brushes for lots of things! I use them to clean tall glasses, vases, sippy cups, pilsner glasses, travel coffee cups, water bottles… Anything that is hard to get your hand in.

  7. Bottle brushes are truly a life saver, especially when your hands can’t get into the small glasses with a rag!

  8. Johanna @ Mama Chocolate says

    I have to have a bottle brush…some of our glass milk jugs are *impossible* to get clean without one, not to mention all the bottles and sippy cups!

  9. I love the Nuby bottle brush, it is the best brush brand I’ve ever used. Some of them fall apart so easily.

  10. Cassandra Eastman says

    Wow, this looks great! It makes cleaning sippy cups and bottles look so easy! I have a problem with some of my sippy spouts getting tiny mold spots. Gross! I will have to get one of these! Thank you!

  11. Terri Betz says

    Great idea! I never used the bottle brush for glasses! But I will now! I also stand the wet brush up to dry in the dish drainer and then I store it on a cup hook on the back of the cabinet door. It dries quickly! I haven’t tried Nuby before but I will now. Always replace sponges or brushes regularly to cut down on germs! Thanks for the review and the idea too!

  12. Jenny Sims says

    Travel mugs! Thank you to the commenter above, I never thought about trying to get all the coffee grime out of my travel mugs with a bottle brush. This Nuby Easy Grip looks like it would finally get some of these items really clean. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I have a Nuby bottle brush and I agree with your review completely. It is the handiest tool in the kitchen when it is time to clean up. I use it for all the sports bottles that we use and I was unable to get clean any other way. It makes clean up a snap. It is great for the baby bottles and sippy cups, too. I couldn’t get by without my Nuby bottle brush.

  14. Seyma Shabbir says

    Bottle brushes were amazing. We used them on the kids bottles and our coffee to go cups. They cleaned so well!

  15. I need brush like this

  16. Kari Joanides says

    That botte brush looks amazing. I had no idea Nuby made a brush and it looks like it does a wonderful job. I’m going to have to head to the store and buy it

  17. maria pereda says

    I love all nuby product, as soon i need i new one i will try it

  18. I love how you take the little piece out of the end to clean the nipple. What a good idea!

  19. Ashley Vasquez says

    I love this product. It is so wonderful that you can clean all of those different items with that brush.

  20. elaine smith says

    dont have little ones with bottle but use one

  21. my little ones didn’t take a bottle, but i still use the bottle brushes i got for lots of scrubbing!

  22. I use a bottle brush just like this one several times a day for my youngest daughters bottles. I have always liked how the sponge cleans around the edge of the bottle really good!!

  23. Mary Happymommy says

    This is the bottle brush we use!

  24. Michelle Feliciano says

    I also use this brush and find them to be the easiest to use. I love the soft sponge at the top because it gets into all the little creavices of a bottle.

  25. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I like that there is a sponge on the end of the brush!

  26. Priscilla Benavides says

    I have tried Nuby bottle brushes and I think they are the best! I would not try any other brand.

  27. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I have one and I love it! Especially the nipple brush – it works great and can be used to wash other hard to get to spaces in other dishes!

  28. LOVE IT

  29. This looks great to clean all the nooks and crannies!

  30. VERY good price for a 2 pack! I do like the design too. We have a couple of these in our house but not the Nuby brand yet. Besides baby bottles now, we use also for our adult waterbottles. An extra is used for cleaning the colander out after draining sticky noodles, or cleaning canning or jelly jars, getting into crevices of the coffee filter cup, etc. We’d be lost without a good baby brush, even when we didn’t have babies in the house you need one!

  31. I like these brushes the best!

  32. I really like the brush and has a good quality.

  33. Judy Gregory says

    would like to try. i have several bottle brushes that simply don’t get the job done

  34. Grat little brush!

  35. Cool Brush. That would come in handy.

  36. Carol ONeil says

    Looks like I am going to have to go shopping for one of these brushes!

  37. Kathy Davis says

    FB fan as Kathy Newsom Davis

  38. I love love love these brushes! I use them for all the sippy cups and glasses!

  39. Sharon Fagen says

    good idea

  40. Thanks for the review. I have been looking for a new bottle brush!

  41. I LOVE these! We don’t have a dishwasher in our apartment so I was everything by hand. These make it so much easier to get those little spots of milk, juice, or whatever is in the small area. I need to buy a new one! I did try the walmart brand but it feel apart so easy I will be going back to the nuby ones, I believe nuby makes one that has a suction cup on the bottom of it so it can “stand” instead of lay and get germs on it!

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