Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Disclosure: The stroller in the feature below was provided compliments of Baby Trend! With the addition of our second little one, Olive, I was debating about getting a double stroller.  Hannah is 3 1/2, and can do a good amount of walking on her own.  However, with living in the city, I knew she's not quite ready to walk the longer distances we do downtown.  I could also think of times at the mall where having room for bags and a whiney, pulling-on-my-leg toddler, would be a lifesaver.  The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double is a great answer to those scenarios of mine, and many others with two children, … [Read more...]

Hauck Freerider Single or Double Jogging Stroller

Disclosure: Hauck sent us a Freerider. Do you need a single stroller? Do you need a double stroller? Do you need a jogging stroller? Let me introduce you to one stroller, that is all the above- the hauck Freerider! The Freerider is a multifunctional single or double stroller that makes toting around young kiddos a breeze! I have found in the past that, for me, joggers are always the hardest strollers to maneuver- which is silly because they are built to be in motion! I had no issues at all strolling around with the Freerider. The three large wheels make maneuvering in stores, on gravel and even … [Read more...]

Joovy: Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Disclosure: The Stroller in the feature below was sent compliments of Joovy. In my opinion, having two young children makes a stroller a necessity. If your older child is four or older, buying a true double stroller may not be the best idea for you because they will be grown out of it before you really get your moneys worth out of it- but there are times and places that an older child still  needs a place to sit! So I set out to find a stroller that would work for this type of situation- and I found an excellent one- The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller The Joovy Caboose Ultralight … [Read more...]

2011 Bumbleride Indie Twin Natural Edition

If you are a mom of two young kids you know by now how hard it is to find the perfect side by side stroller. The 2011 Bumbleride Indie Twin is by far the best side by side stroller I have ever owned! There are not a lot of changes to the 2011 model. But they have added tons of fabric choices! Bumbleride has introduced two brand new fabric collections that are available in addition to the Classic Collection you can now purchase the Movement Collection and the Natural Collection. That means there is a color for everyone! So what are the differences in Collections? Movement Collection- The Movement … [Read more...]