2011 Bumbleride Indie Twin Natural Edition

If you are a mom of two young kids you know by now how hard it is to find the perfect side by side stroller. The 2011 Bumbleride Indie Twin is by far the best side by side stroller I have ever owned! There are not a lot of changes to the 2011 model. But they have added tons of fabric choices! Bumbleride has introduced two brand new fabric collections that are available in addition to the Classic Collection you can now purchase the Movement Collection and the Natural Collection. That means there is a color for everyone!

So what are the differences in Collections?

Movement Collection– The Movement colors include black with  turquoise piping and gray with orange piping. If you are an outdoorsie parent than the Movement is made for you. The exterior fabric is stretchy and water resistant- perfect for those morning jogs. It’s the most sporty stroller Bumbleride offers.
Natural Collection-The Natural colors include Walnut and Ocean. Made specifically for the eco-minded  parent. The exterior fabric on the Natural Edition is made of a recycled polyester blend. The interior fabric has a higher thread count than all the other Bumbleride Collections. The interior fabric of the stroller is also made of a bamboo and nylon blend that wicks away moisture from the body.
Classic Collection– The Classic colors include Ruby, Lava, Vita and Seagrass. The Classic fabrics are a bit lower thread count, not as water resistant as Movement or Natural and not quite as soft because of the lower thread count. However they offer some of the brightest and boldest colors Bumbleride has to offer.

I am trying to be more and more eco friendly so we picked the Bumbleride Natural Edition in Walnut- and I am so glad I did! So what do I love about this stroller?!  Well the Indie Twin canopies are huge! They are also designed with a SPF 45 lining. The seats are huge as well. My 6 month old and 4 year old can both sit comfortable in the seats. The seats are a bit over twelve inches wide, and there is a bit over twenty three inches from seat bottom to canopy top. Older children have tons of room in this seat also great for younger taller children. The Indie Twin has a has a combined 90 lbs of passenger weight so you could easily fit two kids in here from birth to 5+!

Bumbleride Indie Twin measures in at 34 pounds and 29 1/2 inches wide.. Which means this stroller glides right through single doors at the mall, and small lanes in shops. It is a bit heavy to lug around, but really the only time I lift it is in and out of the car which takes ten seconds.


The five point, padded adjustable harnesses can be adjusted super fast to accommodate any size child. I love the baby bumper bars- but they do get dirty fast, my kids use them as teething bars. Thankfully Bumbleride also makes a snack pack that is super easy to install, and even easier to wipe clean. I wish that the parent cup holder was permanently on the stroller- but at least the Bumbleride comes with a cup holder- as most luxurious strollers do not. (please note with the cup holder attached this stroller does not fit through doorways!)

My husbands very favorite feature of the Indie Twin is the adjustable handle bar. He hates pushing most strollers because at 6 feet tall and he kicks wheels of most strollers he pushes. Not with the Indie Twin. The adjustable handlebar makes pushing this for him, as well as 5 foot 3 me a breeze. It’s super easy to change the height with two push buttons on the sides that can be set at any position including. Husband uses it all the way up, and I use it in the middle. We also can push it all the way down and let one of the younger kids “help” push the ones that are in the stroller. This stroller glides so easily, even with both four year olds in it (around 85lbs) that our six year old can push it with them in to with no problems! The basket underneath is also huge and easy to get things out fast- which you need when dealing with young kids. I can fit a diaper bag, purse, and toys under the Bumbleride Indie Twin with room left over!

The wheels are a favorite for me on this side by side stroller. They are twelve inch air filled tires that will glide over cement, gravel and playground mulch! Plus the front wheels lock for jogging. The Bumbleride does have a pretty bulky fold and stays together with two manual locks. I wish it was an automatic lock- but maybe that will be on the 2012 model? It is a three step fold- Fold down the baby bumper bars. Then lift two levers on the sides of the handlebars. then push the handlebar forward and  pull up on two large straps that are behind the seats to collapse the stroller. Unfolding the stroller is easier than folding. Unlock the locks on each side, lift the handle bar, shake open, and the stroller locks into place and is ready to stroll.

This stroller fits in my van trunk with ease. However getting it in to my small sedan is a daunting task. I have to take off the wheels and do some pushing and shoving to get my trunk to close.

The 2011 Indie Twin does not come with a rain cover or an air pump like previous models. They had feedback that moms that lived in non rainy climates just didn’t need it (can I live there?) It not being included is a small downfall especially if you live in one of those climates.

If you have infant twins- you can purchase dual Maxi Cosi adapters for dual infant seat use. Two Maxi Cosi seats are the only dual seat option at this time but Bumbleride hopes to release more dual adapters to accommodate more infant seats.

Overall, if you have the need for a double stroller the Indie Twin is one of the best side by sides I have ever used.

Buy It: You can purchase the Bumbleride Indie Twin Natrual Edition for 557.99!

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  1. Avatar Amanda Larson says:

    I love all the colors and how small it actually folds down!

  2. Avatar Becca @ Mama B says:

    I’m in the market for a double this one looks perfect!

  3. Sadly, nothing like this was around when my kids would’ve been young enough to use them. It would’ve been so nice. That looks beautiful and durable!!

  4. I like all the colors and the adjustable handle….. Of course since I am a stroller addict I would love to try this one out regardless.

  5. Avatar Gina Marshall says:

    Thank you so much for this review! I have been looking for a good dbl stroller with an adjustable handle! thanks for the honest feedback!

  6. Avatar chelesa sims says:

    I really need one of these. I have a 2 year that the docter predicts might be 7 feet tall and 4 year that might be 6 feet and they are heavy especially the 2 year old.

  7. I have this stroller and I love it. It fits through doors with ease. I can push and TURN the stroller with one hand!! I used a snap on double stroller before the Bumbleride (because I didn’t have the maxi cosi seats)….what a nightmare. My twin girls are FAT so by the time they hit 6 months I could barely push, let alone turn the snap on. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the Bumbleride. The company is wonderful. I had an issue with one of the seams of the fabric. They sent me an entire new fabric for that side of the stroller at no cost…..lovely!

  8. Avatar kelly willis says:

    i really need to get one

  9. wow, this is really nice, I would love to have this for the infants I nanny, as it is I cant take them all for a walk together

  10. Avatar Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    this would have really been nice when my kids were small, nice

  11. Avatar danielle mitchell says:

    It comes in so many colors! What a cool looking stroller.

  12. Avatar Donna Jean Baker says:

    OMG I just love the green one and that is my grand daughters favorite color well (nana’s) lol Love it!

  13. Avatar Suehey De Jesus says:


  14. Avatar Rita Spratlen says:

    I wish they had such nice strollers when my kids were little. Thanks for the update. Grandkids should love this!! Great review!

  15. We don’t have twins but a friend of mine has two that are close enough together that I’ll be referring her to come check this review out… she’s trying to figure out which one to get since she’s expecting right now 🙂

  16. Avatar Patricia Williams says:

    I have been researching double strollers since we are expecting our 2nd in a few months. I do not like the front and back double strollers, but this brand looks amazing. I will be looking into getting on of these.

  17. Avatar Deborah Hogue says:

    this would be a must have for my daughter, since she has a 3 month old and a 15 months old and, of course, she cannot manuever two strollers at once. Hope one of these shows up on a sweepstakes.

  18. I love this stroller…the colors are beautiful.

  19. Avatar Sue Hull says:

    The different colors are really nice. This is the cadillac of strollers. I’d love to be able to afford one of these for my daughter when she has kids a few yrs.

  20. Avatar katakejaw says:

    it so cuteee

  21. Avatar Suehey De Jesus says:

    omg! it’s beautiful

  22. I have been looking at the stroller for so long. I would love to have it for my kiddos but it’s just not in the budget. I really love that it comes in some nice bright colors!

  23. Re: budget concerns, try Craigslist! I got one for $375. The guy thought he wanted it for jogging but in the end didn’t like it as a jogger. Some good deals out there if you look regularly. I have it for my toddler and infant (27 months apart) and love it! The handling and steering is noticeably better than my single stroller, the City Mini.
    My problem is the unfold. I am very short (5’1”) so that may be part of the issue. I stand there shaking it like a crazy woman and it takes me several times before I get it.
    Their customer service is awesome as well. The front wheel had a recall. I called to double check my unit (was not affected) and you don’t even have to be the original owner to get the recall kit.

  24. Me and my husband are looking to buy a side by side stroller we find the other other double strollers hard to turn! We will look into his ASAP 🙂


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