Richell USA Hand-Free Gate

Disclosure: The gate pictured below was provided compliments of Richell USA. I have six kids, a dog and two cats. Needless to say, there are often times when my hands are quite literally, full. However there are also specific rooms in my house that I would like to keep the kids or pets out of, or for that matter keep them in! Normally I would just use a normal baby gate, but with hands as full as mine have been the past few months I find myself standing at a gate with no way to get through- enter the Richell USA Hand-Free Gate! Richell’s Hands-Free Gate features a specially designed double sided … [Read more...]

Percision Pet Couch Daydreamer Dog Bed

Disclosure: The Daydreamer dog bed pictured below was sent compliments of Precision Pet. Lily is an odd puppy. She will play with the kids every now and then but her favorite thing to do is sleep. She sleeps more often than she does anything else so when searching for a dog bed I need to make sure that it was very, very comfortable. After quite a bit of research we decided that a Precision Pet Couch Daydreamer Bed would be perfect for her. The Percision Pet Couch Daydreamer Dog Bed is made of a soft and stylish chevron textured chenille fabric with a velvety thick plush sleeping surface. Lily loves … [Read more...]

PACO Collars: The Rylie

When we decided to add a dog to our family one of the first things I started searching for was a decent collar. Lots of people simply pick out a 10-20 dollar collar from the local pet store and wonder why it irritates their dog or rips and breaks at such an inconvenient time. A collar should be a purchase that is thought out and a product that will last a long time. After all- your dog will be wearing it every single day. PACO Collars are like no other collar on the market. All collars are made with latigo leather, the same leather used in horse tack so it is designed to handle the elements (and … [Read more...]

West Paw Designs: Organic Bumper Dog Bed

Shortly after getting Bear we realized that crate training him would be our best option. However we knew that we did not want him in his crate all day so we started searching for comfy dog beds he could lounge on during the day when he was not playing with the kids. Once I started browsing for beds online, I became super overwhelmed. Choosing the dog bed for Bear was not as easy as I thought it was! There are hundreds of different types of dog beds to choose and to be honest- I had no clue where to start. I wanted something that was  comfortable for Bear, easy to clean and blended in great with our … [Read more...]

Pet Dreams: Ortho-Bliss Memory Foam Bed

Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping? That means, if you live to be 90 years old- you will have spent an entire 30 years sleeping! To me that means a bed is not something to skimp on. I knew when I started searching for a bed for Bear I wanted something high quality, affordable and comfortable! We took the plunge into memory foam a few years ago and sleep so much better at night. I knew that I wanted Bear to have a memory foam dog bed too! The Ortho-Bliss Memory Foam Bed by Pet Dreams is made from the very highest quality and eco-friendly memory foam. The exclusive memory foam cell … [Read more...]