Richell USA Hand-Free Gate

Disclosure: The gate pictured below was provided compliments of Richell USA.

I have six kids, a dog and two cats. Needless to say, there are often times when my hands are quite literally, full. However there are also specific rooms in my house that I would like to keep the kids or pets out of, or for that matter keep them in! Normally I would just use a normal baby gate, but with hands as full as mine have been the past few months I find myself standing at a gate with no way to get through- enter the Richell USA Hand-Free Gate!

IMG_0187Richell’s Hands-Free Gate features a specially designed double sided foot pedal that makes getting through the gate easy for those busy moments when your hands are occupied. The foot pedal is strong enough so that pets (8.8 to 88 lbs) cannot open the gate themselves. It is also 36.6″ tall, so pets and kids can not jump over it.

IMG_0200The tension-mount gate fits in any doorway or hallway that is 28.3″ to 37.2″ wide and features rubber stoppers protect wall surfaces. It has an upper and lower locking system that it can open in both directions.

IMG_0198I originally placed the gate in an open doorway between my kitchen and living room. After a week or so of use I had to remove the gate from there because my little one’s arm kept getting caught between the closely placed bars. His arm was so stuck at one point that I had to pinch his skin and work his arm back through a little at a time. We fixed this issue by placing the gate in a door way and closing the door behind the gate, but this kind of defeated the purpose of having a gate.

The Richell USA Hand-Free Gate is a great concept! It works very well for keeping pets in rooms you want them in and out of rooms you do not want them in- but I suggest you stay clear if you have a little one with chunky arms!

Buy It: You can purchase the Richell USA Hand-Free Pet Gate for $127.17.

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  1. The Hands-Free Pet Gate is not certified to be used as a baby gate, so please keep this in mind, This gate is designed for pets only!

  2. I could definitely use one of these gates. It’d help in keeping my dog out of my kitchen.

  3. I have almost killed myself several times jumping over the dog gate I currently use. This gate would be so great to have!

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