KidCo TravelPod

Disclosure: The TravelPod featured below was provided compliments of KidCo. One thing I have learned living in an RV is just because I don't have a ton of space, does not mean I have to sacrifice quality and comfort when it comes to baby gear. There are so many different baby gear products on the market made for small spaces and the KidCo TravelPod is currently one of our favorites. The TravelPod is one of the lightest play yards I have ever used, at just over 10lbs. It is recommended for children up to three years of age, or 37 inches. I found the sleep area to be larger than normal, and … [Read more...]

Joovy Moon Room

Disclosure: The pack and play in the feature below was sent compliments of Joovy. Our family keeps getting bigger and bigger and floor space keeps getting smaller and smaller! Right now I need a solution that gives Emmitt a safe place to play, with out him feeling like he is in a small cell being punished. The Joovy Moon Room is the solution to our problem. It is a uniquely shaped play yard that gives Emmitt a safe place to play (or nap) while conserving much needed floor space. Play yards are not new to Joovy at all! They have the Joovy Room, the Joovy Room², the Joovy Room² Ultralight- but the … [Read more...]