West Paw Designs: Organic Bumper Dog Bed

Shortly after getting Bear we realized that crate training him would be our best option. However we knew that we did not want him in his crate all day so we started searching for comfy dog beds he could lounge on during the day when he was not playing with the kids. Once I started browsing for beds online, I became super overwhelmed. Choosing the dog bed for Bear was not as easy as I thought it was!

There are hundreds of different types of dog beds to choose and to be honest- I had no clue where to start. I wanted something that was  comfortable for Bear, easy to clean and blended in great with our decor. Bear is a curler, he loves to curl up in a bowl and sleep for hours at a time. A  bumper dog bed gives curlers a sense of security and comfort while catching some Zzz’s so I knew it would be perfect for Bear and I was so right!

The West Paw Designs: Organic Bumper Dog Bed is one of many beautiful designer dog beds Dog Geekz carries. The bed is made up of four pieces. A square pillow, a long noodle like pillow and covers for both of them. The covers are made from 100% organic cotton that are both washable and available in a great selection of colors to mix-and-match. The pillows are filled with recycled plastic soda bottles that were  turned into a high-memory and ultra comfy fiberfill.

Features Include:

  • Machine washer safe and durable
  • 100% organic and safe
  • Perfect for dogs who like to nest
  • Made in Montana, USA
Bear loves this bed more than I even imagined he would! He curls up in it and sleeps, sprawls out in the middle and rests his head on the bumper of the bed! I love that Bear loves it but what I love most is that it is so easy to wash. One of the kids tried to share a popsicle with Bear the other day and got sticky stuff all over the bed. The covers simply zipped off and were tossed in the wash. The bed looked as good as new the next day when I put the cover on.

Contributing towards the safety of your pet and planet has never been this fun and with the West Paw Designs: Organic Bumper Dog Bed   you can do just that!

Buy It: You can purchase the West Paw Designs: Organic Bumper Dog Bed  for 62.00-167.00 depending on the size you need for your precious pup!


  1. Sarah Bailey says

    Very nice sounding! We bough a dog bed when we adopted in November 11 and again when we adopted this August but to no avail – now both dogs feel the couches are their beds 🙁

  2. Bear looks like he’s going to enjoy snuggling this upcoming winter. His ears are way too cool!

  3. Adorable pictures! My Jack Russells would love to snuggle in this bed, too! Looks very comfortable and soft!

  4. jeanette sheets says

    i love this dog bed my dogs would love sleeping in this wish my bed looked this soft and comfortable

  5. A product like this with washable cover is a good choice for something that so easily gets dirty,

  6. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    very nice, I don’t have a dog any more, but I would use it for my cat, she always thinks she has to be on a pillow

  7. nicole lewis says

    Very Nice dog bed. i like that it is washable and organic.

  8. Your pup is adorable and a washable yet comfortable bed is a must!

  9. I love the pics! I am such a dog person. I was actually going to try and make my own dog bed, thank you for this post! My little one has also started to use the couch, bed, etc as her own bed. She still uses her own now and again, but really loves my blanket!

  10. I should look into getting one of these for my dog, thank you for sharing this!

  11. courtney b says

    aww i love your puppy! i want one! the bed is cute too 😉

  12. That’s a nice dog bed. Your dog is oh so adorable! 🙂

  13. Awesome doggie bed!! & Adorable dog:)

  14. Missy Marie says

    I’ve been looking for a new dog bed,nice:)

  15. Gina Brickell says

    I have a little pomeranian that loves to curl up and sleep too.. I had purchased a bed for her, but unlike this one, I couldn’t take the cover off to wash and ended up having to throw it out because it got too nasty.. Love the fact that you can wash the cover.. Looks comfy!

  16. Ash Johnson says

    Cute dog. This looks like a comfy bed. Unfortunately, I have a dog that love to rip up everything, so this would be a big pile of fluff within a week at my house.

  17. Liz McComas says

    He looks adorable on his bed! My dog, Buddy, loves to burrow down too and I’m wondering if he’d do well with one of these beds. They ARE pricey, though, so it’s something to think on (and save up for!). Thanks for sharing your review on it!

  18. Angela Cash says

    I have a Doxie who loves to burrow. I bet if I put her favorite blanket in this bed she would probably never leave it!

  19. Robin Quick says

    Aww Bear is a cutie! I just got a new puppy a month ago & right now she sleeps on the foot of our bed… not a good thing i know. So Im looking for a good bed for her. This one looks really nice! Thanks for the great review!

  20. i would love to get this for my pet. thanks for sharing the info on it, 🙂

  21. Jennifer Johansen says

    I like that it’s machine washable!

  22. Nice! One of our dogs is getting up there in age and sleeps most of the day – a bed like this would allow her to be comfortable but still in the family room with all the action.

  23. Dorothy Boucher says

    love it, cute doggie by the way : ) i think this is a wonderful idea and i’m glad someone is thinking outside the box..

  24. Vivian Hernandez says

    My Dog Bones would use one of this pet beds, his is really old. Thanks for sharing…

  25. Vivian Hernandez says

    My Dog Bones would use one of this pet beds, his is really old. Thanks for sharing…!!!!

  26. Looks like a very nice bed, My Bailey would love it. So would my cats 😉 They love sleeping with my black lab.

  27. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says

    I’d like to have one of these for my cats =D

  28. Oh how I wish I had known about these beds when we had Sam; he would have loved it and been
    sprawled out also. thanks for the review.

  29. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    There are so many choices for dog beds, but I ;like the one you found and that it is washable and durable.

  30. Anita Leibert says

    I love that these beds are machine washable and made in the USA! Bear looks like a cutie!

  31. Dorothy Boucher says

    love this, and it looks so comfy and lots of room 🙂

  32. Mary Gallardo says

    Aww that looks like a comfy little doggy bed! I love it!

  33. carol roberts says

    thanks i need one bad for our new dog im getting

  34. Laura Grace Andry says

    Your dog is so stinking cute! My mother-in-law has a little dog that would love this bed. She is getting a bit older and can no longer make the jump to the sofa or the bed as easily as she once could and this would be a perfect present.

  35. What a handsome pup! I like that these beds are made in the USA and that they are organic. Even when I’m trying to go green it can be easy to overlook these details.

  36. Your dog is just too cute! 😀 I know what you mean about dog beds on line! I like that this one is organic! Thanks for this review! It was helpful to me!

  37. My Daisy would love a bed like this.She loves sleeping very close to us.

  38. I’ve never seen an organic pet bed before. This would make a awesome gift.

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