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Bratz Catz

“Bratz by day, Catz by night! Get your paws on the Bratz Catz dolls. These fabulous felines feature versatile accessories, including furry boa wraps that transform into cat tails, sunglasses that flip to cat ears and sparkly skirts that double as kitty tutus! Create the purr-fect look for a night out on the town. Catz are also fully poseable and come with a cute pet cat and mini hairbrush.”

Bratz Catz Features
-Doll comes with sunglasses that convert to cat ears.
-Fur wrap/boa transforms to cat tail.
-Reversible skirt becomes tutu.
-Totally poseable.
-Includes pet cat.
-Includes star shaped brush.

Between the reversible skirt, the ears/sunglasses and the detachable tail/boa the possible looks for the Bratz Catz doll really give Carlee something to do with this doll- She literally will sit down and spend thirty minutes just deciding how she wants her Chloe Bratz Catz to look before she starts to play!

The tail is super easy to attach, even three year old Carlee can do it. All you have to do is flip the Bratz over, unvelcro her top and stick the tail into the hole!

This is by far the first posable doll that Carlee has played with daily for well over a month. Maybe it is the bright pinkness of the doll or maybe it is that it is a doll and a kitty cat to her. Whatever it is, this doll has been worth it’s weight in gold for the past month because it has kept her so busy! We did keep the ears/sunglasses attached to her hair so that they did not get lost, but to be honest Carlee normally plays with this doll as a Catz anyways- so this insures that always look like ears!

I have noticed that the hair could use a bit of work. Seems like every time Carlee brushes Chloe’s hair it gets super frizzy and that frustrates Carlee. A bit of downy and water seems to fix that issue though when the tangles get real bad.

Buy It: You can purchase a Bratz Catz Doll on Amazon for 19.99



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  1. paige jagan says:

    i would love the Jade doll!

  2. Beverly Metcalf says:

    She would love all of them, but she would probably choose Cloe. Thanks!

  3. Christie Kammerer says:

    She would like any of them but chloe is really cute :)

  4. Jennifer Thompson says:

    My daughter would love any of them but I would probably chose Chloe because she has the same color hair as her. :)

  5. dawn reid says:

    Jade is the one.

  6. Bratz® Catz™ Meygan™

  7. She would like Chloe.

  8. Michelle Tucker says:

    Bratz catz jade. Thanks!

  9. JENNI S says:

    I like Meygan catz Doll


  10. Dianna Thomas says:

    I like these dolls– real Divas

  11. Courtney says:

    Is nobody concerned with the fact that a three-year-old is playing with a highly sexualized portrayal of women? Let alone the fact that the manufacturer recommended age is 6 years and up? Ladies, we can do better than this for our girls!

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