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NEST Thermostat Installation By Service Experts

We have been slowly, but surly trying to make our home more and more energy efficient. Each and every project we complete lowers our electricity a bit- saving us, sometimes more in a year than the project even cost to complete! We started with simple things like switching to LED light bulbs, weatherstripping our doors and making sure all of our windows had an air tight seal. Neither my husband or I are very handy- so simple projects are all we really could do!

A few weeks ago, when my friend bought a new home- she told me about this awesome thermostat they installed that would learn from what they did and program itself to keep the inside of their house a comfortable temperature, while tracking and saving energy and I knew for sure- that would be our next project! But, installing a thermostat is a bit above my knowledge bracket- so I contacted the folks at Service Experts!

Service Experts offer complete, custom home comfort services all performed by their trusted furnace and air conditioning contractors! They have more than 3,000 employees and 110 service locations throughout North America, so you probally have one close to you too! They specialize in energy-saving Green Solutions, including household energy-reduction products and green heating and cooling technology! I knew right away they were perfect for the job I had in mind!

Our old thermostat got the job done, but it continually ran and programming it was such a hassle. I am sure lots of you have one similar to our old one…

If you are looking to upgrade something in your house, I bet your thermostat probably isn’t to high up on your list. But it should be! The revolutionary NEST Learning Thermostat can help you significantly reduce your energy consumption and utility bils- and who doesnt want to save a bit of money?

Developed by a designer of the iPod and iPhone, the NEST can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi so you can control it from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Sensing and learning your family’s behavior and temperature preferences, the NEST Thermostat:

  • Eliminates complicated programming
  • Learns your favorite temperature adjustments
  • Saves energy by sensing when you’re away
  • Tracks energy savings
  • Provides remote temperature and scheduling control
  • Save as much as 30% on energy costs
  • Prevent inconvenient breakdowns
  • Extend your equipment service life

Our Service Experts technician arrived on time and ready to install our NEST! He opened the box and explained to us every single piece that came with the NEST. It is nice to know how the inside of our device is working as well as the outside and our technician explained everything!

I was seriously blown away by how friendly our technician was. Emmitt, our 18 month old was literally beneath his feet during the entire install- and he just smiled and giggled with him and worked on! I have never, in my entire life- experienced a technician this nice!

In no time at all our Nest Thermostat was installed and up and running! We connected it to our Wifi, set our away minimum and maximum temperatures and downloaded the apps to our phones. Then the technician helped us set up a few more preferences just for our home! It looks so streamlined and high tech compared to our last thermostat! I am going to use it for a month or so, see how it effects my electric bill and how quickly it learns our patterns and then you will be able to read my review of the Nest! Stay tuned!!

To maximize the efficiency benefits of your new NEST Thermostat or to have one ordered and installed, find out where your local Service Experts is located and give them a call!

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Real Mom Review's founder and main author, Skye Moyer is a 25 year old, stay at home mother of six beautiful children who resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has been married to her best friend for seven years and is happiest when surrounded by family & friends! She is also mom to a rescue cat and an American Bully. Plus is a nationally certified child passenger safety technician!


  1. Programmable thermostats are the way to go. It is interesting that it can sense when you are away? That would be nice to have for when hubby overrides the programmed setting and then leaves the house without resetting it back.

  2. I have a programmable thermostat but this looks like a better one and to be able to track your savings is great thing to have these days

    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  3. This is really clever – I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly too, especially if it can save me money! I love that this tracks your savings so you know exactly how much you are profiting from being better to the planet!

  4. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    Love the remote that comes with it! I also love how it lights up, that would be handy for one of those winter nights when you wake up and realize it’s way colder outside than you thought it would be!

  5. This is very neat! We have such weather fluctuations I find it hard to program the thermostat…not to mention the difference in tolerance of hot/cold between my hubby & me. I like that this one connects to our wifi.

  6. I have a Nest, and love it so much! It’s nice to be able to control it from the computer and also see how much heating time we’ve used each day. I installed ours myself but when we got a new furnace the installers moved it a little to the side, and now we can see part of a hole behind the backing plate… need to move it back where I want it! Great device.

  7. These thermostats look easy to use. At least u don’t have to keep adjusting.

  8. That is so cool – we have radiant heat, though – I wonder if it would work with that?

  9. This nest thermostat is AMAZING – I think it looks so sleek – wish I could get one! :)

  10. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    Really nice, I would like to have these in my house.

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