Planetbox Rover Bento Lunchbox

Disclosure: The products pictured below were provided compliments of Planetbox.

I have always been a nature loving, animal nurturing person ever since I was a little girl.  If I see trash outside I will pick it up and dispose of it.  At times I have even went as far as picking recyclables out of the trash container and putting them in the recycle container.   We have to care for this Earth, as we only have one.  There are no do-overs.  When packing my kids lunches for school it always bothered me all the plastic bags I would use for everything.  One bag for the sandwich, another for the fruit, another for some carrots, another for a couple pretzels and yet another if she wants to take a hard boiled egg.  That’s 4-5 sandwich bags a day, 25 a week and about 1,300 a year!!  And that’s just for one child’s lunch, if I am packing for my three youngest then triple that number.  Ouch!  That’s a big footprint on our planet.


I saw a couple people I follow on Instagram post about these really cool looking lunch boxes called Planetbox.  Not only were they using less disposable materials and protecting our planet for future generations but the kids lunches looked super cute in these.

I decided to check it out and we ended up ordering two Rovers (there are 3 different lunchbox sizes to choose from) for the girls. I choose the Rover boxes because the Shuttle looked a bit to small (perfect for preschoolers or day trips) and the Launch looked a bit too big (but perfect for myself if I ever decide to pack a lunch!)IMG_9298-Edit

IMG_9292-EditaEach Rover box holds nearly 4.5 cups of food!!  I don’t have to worry about them still being hungry after lunch.  There are 5 sections of the Rover and each is a different size for different types of food (fruits, veges, proteins, sweets, etc.) portion controlled or smaller portions for those that like a variety of food.  This is perfect for little ones that want to help pack their lunch.IMG_9307-EditEach Rover came with a little dipper and big dipper, for things such as sauces or yogurts.  You can also get a nifty carry case for your Planetbox.IMG_9289-EditEach lunchbox is also completely customizable with removable magnets.  You can pick one of the themes they offer or customize your own magnets with pictures and colors you choose. All Planetbox products are all BPA free,  certified non-toxic, dishwasher safe and come with a five year warranty on their stainless steel! Planetbox is budget friendly as they are designed to use for years to come and there are no separate containers to purchase to hold different foods.  We absolutely love our Planetbox lunchboxes!!

PlanetBox_Rover_Callout_SiliLid_Big_and_Little_Dippers_grandeBuy It: Planetbox lunchboxes range in price from $39.95 – $59.95.  You can purchase a Rover Planetbox from our affiliate Mom Reviews Disclosure


  1. shelly peterson says

    What a neat idea this is. It’s nice you can get a carrying case too. My son usually has hot lunch at school. If he took lunch more often I would look into getting one of these.

  2. I think this lunch box is so neat. I want one for myself! 😀

  3. Julie Wood says

    This lunchbox is incredible with all the compartments and I can put a lot of my son’s and daughter’s lunch items in it. I need to get two of these!

  4. Michele Pineda says

    I really like these! My teen loves bento boxes for lunch and travel, and I’ve been wanting to get some for my grandsons so they will have healthy, nutritious lunches and also be kind on the environment by using less disposables.

  5. vickie couturier says

    that is so cool,my grandkids would really like this for their lunches

  6. I saw on Top Chef one time, they had to make a meal and use the Bento boxes.

  7. I love that Bento boxes provide instant portion control. Also, kids can eat a variety of foods!

  8. Richard Hicks says

    I love all the compartments and backgrounds

  9. These are adorable. My kids would love these!

  10. Renee Walters says

    This lunchbox is so cool with all the compartments. I need one of these for my son!

  11. I love that these are Earth friendly and non-toxic 🙂 The many different compartments and sizes are great too! My kids would love these and decorating their own lunchbox would be neat.

  12. Sirley Young says

    I have a fascination with lunchboxes and i really like this one. My LO starts school next yearand im already collecring ideas for packed lunch

  13. Holly Thomas says

    I love this! I might get one for myself.

  14. Richard Hicks says

    These are really designed well

  15. Dana Matthews says

    I’ve never seen these before…what a great lunchbox!

  16. Renee Walters says

    I really like this! It is very nice!

  17. Oh I love these! What a great idea! I love the covers for them! We have been thinking about having our little one take cold lunch somedays when he does not like what the school is making! This would be perfect!

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