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Disclosure: The service below was provided compliments of Willing

My husband and I have been putting off making a will for years. Mostly because well, I just didn’t want to think about it.  Having to decide who gets what and who will take care of our children after we were gone was upsetting.  But, with being mid-thirties, owning our own home and having four children it was something that needed to be done sooner rather than later.  For those without a will the state in which you reside (for us Pennsylvania) will determine who gets what.  I am sure many of Americans, like us, are going without wills which can be detrimental to the family. I recently read online that over 50% of Americans do not have a will.

logoBecause I never did much research on creating a will I assumed it cost buku bucks with an attorney and many hours of sitting in his or her office. That is until I came across Willing.

Willing is an online program specific to the laws of each of the 50 states and helps you customize your own will in the comfort of your home.  Their service(s) were built in collaboration with experienced estate planning attorneys.  This is perfect for today’s world of DIY-ers.

After creating an account, Willing will ask you a couple questions, name, birth date, the names of your spouse and children, etc. to generate your own will.  Willing will create two different wills for its customers.  A legal will tells your loved ones how you want your assets handled and who should be guardian of your children (should you have any) after your death as well as many other things.

propertyA will can also tell your loved ones how you want your final arraignments to be.

burialA living will will explain what you wish for your medical treatment should you ever not be able to express informed consent as well as some other medical info.


When you are finished just print your pdf documents and keep them in a safe place.  Some states require them to be notarized so be sure to check if yours does.  It may be a good idea to give a copy of the living will to your doctor’s office so they are aware of what your wishes are.

The process was extremely quick, maybe 15-20 minutes for both my husband and I.  I think Willing is a great service for those with minimal assets and just want a basic will and also for those who want something on paper quickly before they are able to get to an attorney for a more in depth document. A basic will generated by Willing is 100% free.

There are upgrade options available.  Upgrading to the deluxe version gets you your last will and testament.   The premiere plan includes a living will and power of attorney or the total peace of mind package and that will also include a revocable Trust.  You can find more information and prices here.

Remember Willing is not a law firm and should not be substituted for an attorney’s advice.  I should also add that I am not an attorney and have no legal training.  I can not attest that the documents prepared by Willing will stand up in court.

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