2013 Infiniti JX

The more I test drive crossovers the less I like my mini van. Sure a mini van has things that crossovers can not offer, such as comfortable seating for seven and ease of in and out- but wait… the Infiniti JX has super comfortable seating for seven and is super easy to get in and out of! Have I found a mini van replacement?

2013 Infiniti JXFeatures Include:

  • Seamless Shifting.
  • Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection.
  • Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition.
  • 18-inch, split 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels.
  • Multi-mode second-row seat with easy third-row access.

Sitting behind the wheel of the JX’s 265-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine just feels right.  The 8-way power driver’s leather-appointed seat allows for maximum comfort and the 18 city, 23 highway miles per gallon allows your walet to remain comfortable as well! Infiniti actually says that the JX offers best-in-class fuel economy, which is true if you don’t include hybrid crossovers–which can not fit seven anyways. I got real-world 19.5 mpg during my test drive which is great for a vehicle this large.

The Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature Control System allows everyone in the crossover to experience a different temperature with three distinct climate zones. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers enjoy their own set of controls. Center vents in the 2nd row and side vents in the 3rd row ensure that friends and family are cooled or warmed comfortably. The air itself is cleansed of most allergens, germs and odors with the Advanced Climate Control System.

2013 Infiniti JXThe Back-Up Collision Intervention, Safety Shield Blind Spot Intervention, Lane Departure Prevention and Intelligent Brake Assist all work together to make driving a little less stressful. Backing up and out of parking spots is my ultimate fear in large vehicles but the large back up camera and back-up collision intervention detects crossing traffic as well as large stationary objects and alerts you with sounds, a flashing lights and the accelerator will push back on you as the brakes engage. Parallel parking is also a breeze in the JX. The Around View Monitor has four cameras that  are positioned around the vehicle to give you a virtual 360° bird’s eye view on your display.

Five car seats can fit into the JX– but make getting to the third row pretty tricky. We choose to put two large convertibles in the third row for the two five year olds and a backless booster on the drivers side for easy access when the seat was folded. The other two were rear facing in the middle and passenger side of the second row! Five car seats are for sure possible if you have two you can put in the back that can buckle themselves!

2013 Infiniti JX

You can learn more about the 2013 Infiniti JX by visiting InfinitiUSA.com!

Special thanks to Infiniti for letting me test drive the JX  for a week.


  1. *Wolf Whistle* That is one gorgeous ride! I sure wish it was in our price range.

  2. Erika B says

    Wow that is a beautiful SUV!! What a dream to be able to drive that. So luxurious and spacious!!

  3. Carrie Phelps says

    Not much can be said about this besides … just a beautiful car! I love the Back-Up Collision Intervention, Safety Shield Blind Spot Intervention, Lane Departure Prevention and Intelligent Brake Assist!!

  4. Sandy Cain says

    Nice car! 3 climate zones, seats 7? Wish I could afford it!

  5. I’ve always loved the look of these SUV’s. 19.5 mpg is very good!

  6. Looks nice and stylish. I would love to drive this car

  7. I really love how this one looks from the front! It just seems so sleek.

  8. Sandy Cain says

    The more I look at this, the more I like it. Wish I could afford it!

  9. Holly Storm-Burge says

    When my husband & I discuss having more children, the first thing that comes up is to get rid of my convertible and get a minivan, but I hate minivans! This is lovely though!

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