2014 Lexus ES300h

Disclosure:  Lexus let me test drive a 2014 ES300h for a week!

There is nothing more amazing than a luxury car that you can drive for days with out having to even think of refueling. The 2014 Lexus ES300h is jam packed with features that make driving comfortable, convenient and fun and with a 200 total system horsepower and a 40 MPG rating you can keep driving and driving and driving till you reach your destination!

IMG_0257Providing impeccable refinement, an extended rear valance and available bamboo trim, the ES Hybrid offers the finest in luxury. But its captivating design is only the beginning. It also features a better fuel economy rating than most subcompact cars and has earned the stringent SULEV emission status.IMG_8396The sleek lines of the ES may appear to be shaped by the wind, it’s actually the other way around. Innovative measures were taken to redirect airflow closer to the body, contributing to a remarkably low coefficient of drag, optimized fuel efficiency and reduced noise and vibration. Combined with structural design enhancements, the result is a ride that’s as smooth as it is engaging.

IMG_0259Almost the entire time I had the ES300h it was cold in Pennsylvania. I really learned to appreciate the warm features like the heated seats and steering wheel. Available carbon heaters warm the front seats faster and more evenly than conventional wire heaters. And, for optimal comfort, they offer three unique settings which allow you to set how toasty you want your hiney to be. The heated steering wheel heats right where your hands naturally rest.  To help combat those cold winter mornings, a windshield deicer features embedded heating wires around the edge of the windshield to prevent the wipers from sticking while the vehicle is parked.

IMG_8393Backing into or out of tight spaces is much easier with the available backup camera. Place the vehicle in reverse, and the view from a small camera located above the rear license plate is displayed in full color on the multimedia display. To assist with parking, guides indicating the vehicle’s width and orientation are also displayed.

IMG_8392With the ability to hold more than 12 cubic feet of your cargo, the ES is ready whenever you are. And, whether you’re headed to the market or the airport, a concealed hinge design provides unimpeded clearance for your cargo, making it easier to load and unload. We had an accident in one of our car seats and it was a big one. I was astounded that it fit in the trunk, with plenty of room to spare. A very large double stroller or a decent sized single one plus groceries can easily fit in this trunk.

IMG_0265There are 4 lower anchors and three tethers in the back seat. This allowed me to LATCH two seats on the side seats and a small booster in the middle. Rear facing seats was no issue because the rear seats offer generous headroom and enough legroom for passengers to easily cross their legs, which means a car seat fits perfect. To help reduce unwanted glare, rear side–window sunshades and a power rear sunshade are also available which make the back seat the perfect spot for little ones.IMG_8386You can learn more about the 2014 Lexus IS by visiting Lexus.com!

Special thanks to Lexus for letting me test drive the IS for a week.

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