2014 Toyota Rav4

Disclosure:  The Rav4 in the feature below was provided to me for a week compliments of Toyota!

I fell in love with the 2013 Rav4 after it received a contemporary new look which relocated the spare tire from the rear door to a well under the vehicle. The removal of the tire on the rear door allowed Toyota to switch the swing out door for a much more conventional swing up rear lift-gate that opens and closes, much like a minivan. That small change made the Rav4

IMG_8802For the price of the Rav4 (starting at $23,550.00), the interior features are a plenty. Steering wheel mounted controls put everything at my fingertips and the dual zone climate control makes sure that both driver and front passenger are comfortable by allowing each to regulate their own environments with individual temperature control.

IMG_8809Trunk space is aplenty in the Rav4. You have a massive 38.4 cubic to work with with the back seats in use. That was plenty of room for us to fit a large stroller, groceries and kid gear. If you fold the rear seats back, space jumps to 73.4, which is more than any crossover vehicle I have ever test drove! The low, flat-load floor is flush with the rear bumper, which makes it easy for even me to load and unload all cargo, even though I am only 5″3′!


IMG_8806The back seat of the Rav4 is where my love for this compact SUV disappears. I have no idea what Toyota was thinking when they designed this backseat because even though there are three seats and three seat belts, only two can be used at the same time. You can not use the middle seat and the seat behind the driver at the same time because the seat belts cross over each other.

IMG_8814If your in the market for a crossover that will seat four then the Rav4 may be the perfect choice for you. It is a tad bit disappointing that the fifth seat is unusable, but if you have no need for the fifth seat, the Rav4 is an excellent vehicle choice.

IMG_8805You can find a dealer near you to test drive or purchase a Toyota Rav4 by clicking here.

Special thanks to Toyota for letting me test drive the Rav4.

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