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When it comes to keeping my family safe I am always at the top of my game. All outlets have covers, all car seats are installed correctly, hands are held when we are in a parking lot- but one thing I honestly never put much thought into (till now) were how safe the tires on our van were! I assumed all tires were made the same, and if they were put on by my dealership they would all be just as safe. I was so, so wrong!


Michelin announced in April a brand new tire that is truly a dramatic leap forward in tire technology- the Premier A/S tire with revolutionary new EverGrip Technology! They feature an evolving tread design and high-traction rubber compound to deliver exceptional levels of wet grip providing enhanced safety for a very extended period of time, even when the tire begins to wear down. More info can be found at National.co.uk.

Even when worn, the Premier A/S tire stops shorter on wet roads than the leading competitors’ brand new tire. They provide confidence over time when driving on wet roads through a combination of hidden grooves in the shoulder that emerge as the tire wears down, expanding rain grooves around the center that widen over time to continue to evacuate water and a unique rubber compound that continues to deliver enhanced wet grip performance.

Engineered specifically to address natural wet traction degradation with tread depth loss, the Premier A/S tire uses a revolutionary design with a unique set of features to prolong wet traction even as the tire becomes worn. Three main elements provide this traction over time:

High-traction Rubber Compound: The tire is made out of a proprietary rubber compound with extreme amounts of silica and sunflower oil. The silica provides the bonding strength and adherence to keep the treads on the road for exceptional traction in wet conditions. The sunflower oil allows the tire to grip on wet roads at lower temperatures. These ingredients are mixed through an exacting process that ensures a consistent material contacting the road both when new and worn.

Expanding Rain Grooves: In most tires, as the rain grooves lose depth, the amount of water they can funnel away from the tire is diminished. However the Premier A/S has rain grooves positioned around the circumference of the tire with a unique geometric shape that gets wider as the tread wears. This helps maintain the amount of water that the tire can channel away even as these rain grooves lose depth.

Emerging Grooves: Initially hidden when the tire is new, the Premier A/S has another set of grooves along the tire’s shoulder that emerge as the tire becomes worn. More than 150 hidden grooves emerge to provide additional help in channeling water away and maintaining wet traction as miles are logged.

These three elements work together to give the Premier A/S tire with EverGrip exceptional traction in a range of conditions year round. The Premier A/S provides consumers with shorter stopping, hydroplaning resistance and increased grip when new and worn which allows this momma to feel extra safe when driving in less than great conditions!

Buy It: The Michelin Premier A/S tire is currently available in 32 sizes (185/65R15 – 245/45R18) fitting a range of passenger cars including the Cadillac CTS, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry among others. Michelin will offer a limited 60,000-mile warranty and the product will start with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $156. You can locate a local dealer to purchase these amazing tires by clicking here.

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