5 Invaluable Benefits of an RV Camper

Of course, the primary benefit of a motor home is the fact that it is…well…a mobile home! A place to rest your head each night, after a day of sightseeing the vast, wide country is invaluable; as is the sense of not knowing your next destination – assuming you have a loose itinerary.rvOne thing that people who are traveling the country in a camper or mobile home don’t realize is that there are opportunities to make money as a direct result of the trip, itself. Not only will companies offer you free stuff for the family for your honest review (assuming you can build a blog or social media page to that level of visibility); but you can act as a sponsor for a brand using ProWraps – a graphic banner on the motor home or the lead vehicle is advertising; and you can be paid for this.  

With that in mind, let’s check out the other reasons why if you’re not RV camping, then you may be missing out. Bonus advice: When you are camping and traveling with an RV make sure you have a comfy RV mattress so that you get the best night’s sleep. Now let’s start with our first tip!

1.Getting Closer to Nature Every Day- If you ever been camping or hiking, then you’re well aware of the invigorating feeling that nature can give you; when traveling in a RV camper, you get this recharge every single day. Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll have countless memories of lush greenery as you visit state parks and enjoy the country scenery. There will certainly be national landmarks along the way, where your family can take pictures and even set up shop for a day or so.father-and-daughter2.The Convenience of a Home-away-From-Home- There’s an unmatched freedom when traveling in an RV camper; it forces you to optimize the creature comforts you need, and ensures that you have all the necessities for long travel. By keeping it stocked, a mobile home is a picture of convenience – hop in with the family during a power outage in the main home, or use it as your primary home and change resting locations at a whim. You can literally take your home just about anywhere, whether it’s a weekend trip or relocation.

3.Using a Camper for Business- Since you would have planned out the trip expenses beforehand, if you can manage to use your vacation as a source of passive income, then this represents yet another benefit that you can’t obtain with the normal brick-and-mortar house. A lot of RV owners have found success in placing advertisements for various, sponsoring companies on their cars. These can take the form of ProWraps, commercial car graphics or truck/trailer wraps – it’s all about visibility.

4.An Invaluable Experience for Children- You might think that only adults are really traveling around the country in RVs; but the truth is, over 40% of the people who own RV campers are traveling with children. They’ve talked at length about how wonderful an experience it is for the young ones, who never tire of being on the road and seeing a new place every week or month – and in many cases, every couple of days. They will remember it for a lifetime.fun-in-the-sun5. It Can Be a Money-Saving Adventure- This is only true if you’ve sold your static home, of course. If you opt to take out a loan for your new/used camper, then it is tax-deductible and rates as a second mortgage in many cases. And remember – you don’t have to pay for hotel, air fare, or any of the other wallet-drains that more traditional vacations cost.


  1. Hey Skye, just read your post about RV’s, thought I’d attempt to pick your brains. We’re planning a trip to the states next August and we’re considering hiring an RV for the 5 of us to save having to find hotels each night during our road trip. I write a travel blog and was considering asking companies if they would consider loaning us one in return for some posts, or discounting us one even. Can you recommend any companies that you think would consider this? Regards, Alex

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