Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours – Orlando, FL

Disclosure: Our families tour was compliments of Air Force Fun.

We have been in the Orlando area for a little over a month now. With all four kids birthdays right around the corner we decided to stick around one spot and spend as much time as possible exploring. A few weeks ago we visited Disney Springs and did some pin trading. During our visit, we couldn’t help but notice all the helicopters flying over head. Ethan and Emmitt were most interested, and I promised them I would look into it.Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours BuildingAfter a bit of research, I found Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours and knew we had to take a ride. Their Robinson R44 helicopter provides passengers with a bird’s-eye perspective on the city of Orlando and its many famous attractions. Flights start at just $20.00 per person, with no hidden fees (this includes flight, fuel charges and taxes). You must have at least two passengers with a max of three per flight. Each person must weigh less than 280lbs or 580lb combined.Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours RulesThere are quite a few tours you can choose from, depending on which you choose the chopper’s flight time lasts from as few as 5 to as many as 25 minutes, with plenty of sights packed into each trip. We choose tour 5 because Ethan and Emmitt really wanted to see if they could recognize Disney World from up above.Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours Price ListAfter choosing our tour we were weighted and put on the wait list. Depending on the time of year the wait list can get quite long, as they operate on walk ins only. Air Force Fun recommends morning flights to avoid any wait time. We waited about 10 minutes in the extra large waiting room that featured bean bag chairs and a TV for little ones, as well as a huge connect 4 board.
Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours LobbyOnce it was our turn, a crew member went over safety protocols (stay away from the blades) and took us out to the helicopter. Ethan was strapped into the front seat next to the pilot…Air Force Fun Helicopter ToursAnd Emmitt and I in the back.Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours

And then we were off!Air Force Fun Helicopter ToursUp! Up! Up! We went. My Emmitt was very nervous and unsure of the ride for the first few minutes till he got more used to the shaking.Air Force Fun Helicopter ToursOnce we could see things we all recognized, he totally forgot he was scared at all. We saw so much during our flight including Tower of Terror, ESPN fields, Epcot Center, Disney Art of Animation, the life tree at Animal Kingdom and Sea World.

I was so proud of both Ethan and Emmitt, they did extremely well. Ethan enjoyed the cockpit and has been researching helicopters since our tour.Air Force Fun Helicopter ToursEmmitt did much better in the back seat, next to me. He liked being able to hold my hand and needed help looking in the right direction to see certain attractions.Air Force Fun Helicopter ToursI highly recommend Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours to anyone in the Orlando area, it really does give you a different perspective of the area seeing it from above.

Buy It: Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours start are just $20.00 per person (this includes flight, fuel charges and taxes) and operate on walk ins only and are first come first serve. You must have at least two passengers with a max of three per flight. Each person must weigh less than 280lbs or 580lb combined. You can find more information at


  1. shelly peterson says

    What cuties, so glad they ended up enjoying the ride. My son and grandson would love this.

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! I have to remember this next time we are in Orlando! I have never been on helicopter but would love to go someday!

  3. Oh, I want to do this if i ever return to orlando.

  4. Julie Wood says

    This looks like so much fun and I would love to take a Helicopter ride with my husband.

  5. vickie couturier says

    my older grandsons would love this and so would I,what fun that looks

  6. Renee Walters says

    I have always been terrified of helicopters, but this actually looks like fun. I know my kids would love it!

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