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Nestled in the heart of Lancaster county, you will find a cozy photography studio. In the middle of the studio is the famous (side of the road found) stunning yellow chair. On the walls are canvases filled with smiling brides and sleeping newborns. Beautiful life photos turned into amazing forms of art. Becca Lapp does just that, makes life art.

I had the pleasure of working with Becca when Emmitt was 5 weeks old. This is much older than typical newborn photos are taken, but I put my trust in Becca (and the power of boob milk) and she got some amazing shots.

Trusting your baby to someone else is not easy. Becca has soft hands, and a soothing hush and isn’t afraid to ask for help if or when she does need it. She knows sometimes only mommy can comfort baby, but because she is a mom herself she posses great quality to soothe a baby to sleep. Emmitt was putty in her hands for the hours that we were there. Becca made sure to get every shot I wanted of Emmitt and had a sneak peek available super fast.

Her work and her patience is amazing ans it shines through in her photos. A woman actually stopped outside the studio window mid shoot, and pointed to Emmitt and asked “is he real?” Becca had positioned my perfect baby, so perfectly, people thought he was a doll!

The end results of my session speak for themselves…

More images here!


  1. Those pictures are so cute!!!! He does look like a doll!!

  2. They came out so adorable! We did O’s pics when he was a few weeks old too and they still look newborn to me. 🙂 She did a great job on E’s pics for sure.

  3. Beautiful pictures, so sweet. I loved your description of the shop as well!

  4. Oh my word! BEAUTIFUL pictures.

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