Clear Ear: Rethink How You Clean Your Ears!

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Clear Ear!

Ear wax… It’s not something you normally think about till your ear starts to ache. When I was little, my parents always used to clean my ears with Q-Tips, which often times led to impacted ear wax that had to be removed by a doctor and let me tell you- a doctor flushing impacted ear  wax out of your ears hurts. My sister had an ear wax plug that was so bad she had to go to a special doctor and have it broken apart with a laser and then removed.

20140620140400-clear_ear_indiegogo_v3-02If only my parents had known about Clear Ear. Clear Ear is a better way to clean your ears with less build-up, no eardrum punctures, less itchiness, and less pollution. There are two different products by Clear Ear; Oto-Tip for basic cleaning and the TEC Home for deep cleaning. The severity of your ear wax determines which one is best for you.

20140624093837-clear_ear_indiegogo_v4-18The Oto-Tip is the perfect ear cleaner for me (and people with normal levels of ear wax) because I have never had an ear wax plug. It is super gentle on the ears and is easy to use. All you have to do is insert the soft, flexible tip into your ear (the blue ring makes sure you do not insert to far) and push the button. The tip will begin rotating and just like magic all of your ear wax will be pulled outward.

20140709000153-DSC_0347_editThe TEC Home is perfect for people that do get ear wax plugs or for occasional deep cleanings. It is also super gentle on the ears and easy to use. All you have to do is fill one side with clean water, snap on the ear cleaning tip and insert into ear canal and push the button. Deep ear cleaning is as simple as that.

You can find more information on Clear Ear products by visiting! If your interested in helping fund the campaign, so that the above Clear Ear products can be made, you must act fast to help make these products a reality- deadline to reach the $30,000.00 goal is August 3rd.

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