Cosmic Bounce At BounceU – Exton, PA

Disclosure: My children were provided tickets to the Cosmic Bounce in exchange for this feature.

What could possibly be more fun for a kid than a room filled with inflatable structures to bounce around on!? How about the lights in that room being turned with black lights and┬áspecial effect lights dancing on the walls? Enter BounceU’s Cosmic Bounce!

IMG_8695Geared towards little ones three and older, BounceU’s brand new Cosmic Bounce is the perfect way to wear your kids out on a Friday night! The lights are turned down and the fun is turned up and your child can bounce around for a few hours for only $9.95.

IMG_8687I visited BounceU on a Friday night about a month ago for their Cosmic Bounce with all five kids (aged 3, 5, 6, 6 and 9) and every single one of them had a blast. My younger two are normally very timid and I was worried that the dark room would scare them- but the staff literally makes it impossible for a child not to have fun while bouncing around!

IMG_8680I was also worried about Emmitt (who is three) getting in and out of the inflatables. Being 7 months pregnant makes it rather difficult to climb an inflatable slide if he gets scared at the top- but again, the staff took total care of that!

IMG_8685If your looking for something fun for your kids to do on a Friday night and don’t want to spend a ton- I highly suggest you check out BounceU! Your kids will love you forever!



  1. This looks like a really fun experience! We have similar places here in Las Vegas, but I’m not sure they offer a cosmic bounce night. I would love to have an adult birthday party during this event!

  2. It sounds like the staff really cares about their guests. It’s nice to know that they are so well-trained and hands-on. The design reminds me of something you’d see on “Sesame Street” or “The Simpsons”. This looks like an ideal place for fun!

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