Cover My Heart Nursing Cover

Cover My Heart puts a totally new spin on the traditional nursing cover. It is a stylish, breathable cover with pillow back support! Cover my Heart nursing covers feature custom designed prints exclusively for nursing cover was created by a mother who addressed comfort, and designed the cover with a functional heart shaped pillow that gained back support.

I found that the cover was a bit bulkier to lug around than my normal cover- however, Emmitt loves to use it in the stroller as a pillow and blanket and it entertains him for quite some time. Whether your breastfeeding at home or in public, back support and proper positioning is essential to eliminate back pain, sore neck and muscle fatigue. Cover My Heart provides back and neck comfort while allowing me to have the amount of coverage I need. More when we are out and about, and less when it is just family!

Emmitt and I have been done nursing for about a month now- but we still use our Cover My Heart. My 3 year old uses it in the car as a pillow and blanket all the time. I also use it frequently for a stroller cover to block the sun after Emmitt has fallen asleep!

Buy It: You can purchase the Chiffon Cover my heart for 64.95 and the cotton Cover My Heart for 49.95 at!


  1. Diane K. Brimmer says

    That is so awesome. Nice and comfortable for both of you. It looks very discreet. Thanks for sharing.

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