Crafted – the Art of the Taco – Greensboro, NC

Crafted - the Art of the Taco in Greensboro, NC

When it comes to tacos, I typically enjoy mine pretty plain. Lettuce, tomatoes and salsa and I’m a happy mama. When I walked into Crafted – the Art of the Taco I knew immediately I wasn’t in a ‘normal’ taco joint and I’ll admit, I got overly excited to try something new. Born in 2012, Crafted has fed hungry patrons pursuing a unique spin on the average taco. Each recipe draws its magic from international influences and every plate receives the freshest local ingredients available.

Crafted the art of taco store frontI was extremely impressed with how large of a menu I was presented with. Even someone who doesn’t love tacos can find something they will enjoy here. I highly suggest you at least get one order of their hand cut fries, they are to die for!Crafted art of taco menuI found the portions to be pretty large, however every single thing we ate left us longing for more, even when we were stuffed. Like I mentioned above, we were in the area for eight days and ate at Crafted three times! It was that yummy.Dirty South NachosThe Dirty South Nachos were our starter. Sweet potato chips piled with pulled pork, chipotle aioli, and scallions melt in your mouth with every single bite. Even the kids chowed down on the ones with no sauce on them.
Kids Crafted Art of Taco mealThe kids meals were a hit with my kids and my husband. We got the mac and cheese quesadillas and added pulled pork. Each bite quite literally melted in your mouth. I would have never, ever put mac and cheese together with pulled pork- but it really worked!Big Truck TacoI ordered the Big Truck tacos for myself. They are similar to what the kids got with mac n’ cheese and pulled pork, but then topped with tobacco onions, scallions and bacon BBQ sauce. The best thing on the Crafted menu, by far!!!
Crafted the art of taco interiorEach of our visits to Crafted were delicious and quite affordable, never over $35.00 with tip. Crafted also offers vegetarian/vegan options for virtually all their menu items! Visit for more information!

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