Disney Baby: The Lion King Premiere Convert Me Swing-2-Seat

Disney Baby: The Lion King Premiere Convert Me Swing-2-Seat is a swing, it’s a seat, and it’s the fun new King of the Jungle! Disney knows a thing or two about keeping little ones entertained. And this Lion King-themed wonder will have your baby roaring with pleasure! Switching the Convert Me from swing to gently-vibrating seat is a breeze, thanks to InGenuity’s clever EasyLock feature. The Slimfold design lets you fold the unit flat for storage or travel. Five different swing speeds make it easy to find baby’s favorite groove. The pivoting toy bar comes complete with an interactive character toy – plus loops for attaching more. There’s even built-in music and nature sounds. And it’s all powered by InGenuity’s money and energy saving Hybridrive technology. Get ready to swing with the king!

Features include:

  • Converts from swing to vibrating seat with InGenuity EasyLock
  • InGenuity slim fold designs fold flat for easy travel
  • Battery Operated: Money and Energy savings powered by hybrid rive technology
  • 5 swing speeds and soothing vibration along with 8 melodies and 3 natural sounds with volume control
  • InGenuity WhipserQuiet operation for a virtually noiseless experience, swing timer with 3 settings: 30, 45 and 6 0 minuets.

Disney swing

This swing has many wonderful features. We really loved the fact that it was both a swing and a vibrating seat.  However, I loved the portability of the swing even more. It was so easy to fold up and take on the go or move around the house.  The toy bar was a nice touch and made it fun for baby.

The seat cover had a very soft padded velvety feel to it. I loved the 3 timer settings, so I could choose how long the seat moved for. I did have a few small issues with it. The toy bar was high and out of reach. No matter how much we tried I could never really get the swing to swing for long. It never went more the 15 minute setting and by the time 15 minutes came, it was going much slower than it wad when we first turned it on. I did notice if I put the seat on vibrate it would swing for a bit longer. This might have just bee because my daughter was a bit to light, however it should list a minimum weight if that is the case and it did not.

Buy It: You can purchase the Disney Baby: The Lion King Premiere Convert Me Swing-2-Seat for 132.95.


  1. This looks like a really cute swing and who doesn’t love classic Lion King?

  2. Heidi Daily says

    I love Ingenuity products they really are very smart and efficient!

  3. how do u get the vibrating thing to work on it,,i dont have a manual.i see the sign,,and the light comes on,,and then some flash …but i dont feel it

  4. Carla Black says

    I can’t seem to find this anywhere! If anybody has an idea of where I can by it plz let me know!

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