Dr Brown’s Hard-Spout Training Cup

Disclosure: We were sent a few Dr Brown’s Hard Spout Cups free of charge to try out!

If your looking for a cup that can with stand a teething toddler and not spill even when dropped down the stairs the Dr. Brown’s Hard-Spout Training Cup may be for you. The cup features a Sip‐Activated Valve that is only activated by baby’s mouth when sucking, which means no mess when there is no suction!  The cups are avaliable in bright yellow, purple, green, blue and berry pink.

Does it leak? This cup is not the easiest to put together and if one single pieces is not where it belongs the cup will leak. However, if you read the instructions, familiarize yourself with the cup and put it together right every time you will have a leak proof cup that does not spill a single drop!

Dr Brown's Hard-Spout Training CupDoes it keep the drink cold? Because it is not insulated it does not. Drinks stay cold for about an hour or two if you add ice.

Dr Brown's Hard-Spout Training CupDoes it fit in a cup holder/my child’s hands? With the handle on the cup it does not fit in a cup holder. With the handld off, it does.

How many pieces to make the cup work? Hard or soft top? This cup comes with quite a few pieces six in total. This makes washing super easy, but if I lose either of the spout pieces, the cup will not work. As long as you hand wash, or use a dishwashing basket- you should be good. The hard spout is ideal for teething babies and even when gnawed on retains its shape.

Dr Brown's Hard-Spout Training CupMom’s favorite feature? I love that all the pieces are interchangeable. I can take a pink top, a blue bottle, a green handle and a purple screw top and put them all together to make one cup. This makes assembly so much easier for me.

Dr Brown's Hard-Spout Training CupAny downsides? As I stated earlier, the cups are a bit hard to get used to putting together, but once you understand it- they are a cinch!

Buy It: You can purchase a Dr Brown’s Hard-Spout Training Cup for 4.34.

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  1. My nephew has fully transitioned to a cup and off of bottles at just 12 months, but I am not sure if he’s ready for a hard spout just yet. I will keep these in mind and share them with my sister when the time is right!

  2. ellen beck says

    I like how this is good for teething too- this would be good for that!

  3. i like this cup..it is cute.

  4. After 5 minutes a few moments of seeing my baby trying to drink out of this cup a decided to try it myself. These cups are garbage, I don’t see how a baby can suck thru the spout I am a grown man and I can not suck hard enough to get it water thru the spout! Yes I read the instructions.

  5. vickie couturier says

    I love the look of this cup,,i like that it is hard and not like a bottle

  6. Christina says

    My son is 13 months and has been drinking water out of the munchkin straw cups since 7 months. The soft, 6 ounce sippy seemed so hard for him when he was younger. He wouldn’t take his formula from a sippy as hard as I had tried. Now, he is interested in the 6 ounce sippy, but again, he’s only getting about 2-3 ounces before giving up because it is so much work to suck out of. I’ve read this on reviews as well. I’m hoping that if I buy the 9 ounce hard spout, it will be easier? I’m tired of buying different cups and he seems to like this brands spout compared to the plastic thicker types. I need for him to be able to get his 6 ounces before being tired of sucking. Any suggestions?

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