Fury Glassbottom Boat – Key West, FL

Disclosure: My families tickets aboard the Fury Glassbottom Boat were provided by Fury.

When in Key West a for sure must see is the gorgeous coral reef. After all, it is the only living coral reef in the continental US. However, exploring the amazing underwater coral near Key West is generally reserved for scuba divers and we are not certified. After a bit of research I found the Fury Glassbottom Boat and knew it was the perfect way for us to view the coral reef, with out even getting wet.Pride Of Key WestFury’s Pride of Key West is a 65-foot Aluminum Catamaran. Her unique catamaran design veers away from traditional mono hull design and provides protection to the fragile reef, a more stable ride and allows many passengers to view the glassbottom while gently traveling in air-conditioned comfort. Fury Glassbottom Boat Viewing AreaI really, really wanted to love this tour. However, no one in my family enjoyed it. The glassbottom area is very uncomfortable to sit on for any extended period of time. Plus the entire time I was petrified a child was going to fall. After making the kids sit for about 15 minutes in the hopes we would see something cool out the glassbottom, I let them wonder around. The picture above is on the Fury site. The picture below is what we actually saw the entire ride.Fury Glassbottom Boat Viewing AreaThe entire process seemed rushed, they cram boarding, travel out to the reef, time spent looking at the reef, travel back to port and deboarding into just an hour and forty five minutes. Tickets are very expensive and in my opinion very over priced, even for a tourist area. Adult tickets are $40.95, children are $20.95. Then there is a paid snack bar on board and tips are expected for the entire crew.12509968_10207351788627190_1038824076_oThe video below is a clip directly from our trip.

If your ever in the Key West area and would like to experience the Fury Glassbottom Boat, tickets can be purchased here.


  1. shelly peterson says

    Initially I am thinking oh wow, how fun and exciting. then I hear your review and see your photo and it doesn’t seem worth the money. Kind of disappointing.

  2. vickie couturier says

    ive been on one of these and they are awesome

  3. I have always wanted to go on a glass-bottom boat. There was a park with one near where I lived at the time in Aquarena Springs, Texas. I even remembered that there is a classic movie with that as the title, starring Doris Day. My mom and I have always loved the water and undersea life.

  4. Renee Walters says

    I went on a glass bottom boat as a child and loved it. I want my kids to experience it too.

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