Combi Cabria

If you are looking for a light weight, affordable stroller you must read the rest of this post! The Combi Cabria is a 13.4lb stroller that can carry up to 55lbs! It comes in three different stunning color combinations, flatiron (black and cream), sutton place (black and grey), manhattan (red) so you are guaranteed to find one that you fall in love with!

This stroller has a ton of extra features including an oversized and expandable canopy, large sturdy wheels, shoulder pads and comfort pillow and an included stroller pack. Of course this stroller also has the standard Combi stroller features which including a wide, reclinable seat with breathable air-mesh fabric, infant safety boot, footrest and 5-point harness make for a safe and comfortable environment for your child.

My one and three year old were able to fit in the stroller perfectly, and my five year old fit but was not able to use the foot rest.

The oversized and expandable canopy is by far my favorite feature! I can pretty much cover my entire sleeping child with just the canopy!

I also love the peep hole! It lets me glance at my little ones with out really disturbing them- which is great if they are almost asleep.

My least favorite part of having multiple kids that use a stroller is having to rethread harnesses to fit which ever child is in it. I was  amazed at how easy it was with the Cabria. All I had to do was separate the back two fabrics by unvelcroing them, thread the harness through the proper hold and revelcro! Even the headrest can be moved with a simple unvelvcro!

Feature list includes-

Fold-N-Go with 3-Second Fold® and convenient carrying strap
25% larger storage basket
Oversized, expandable canopy with viewing windows and storage pouch
Removable snack and drink holders for child
Removable Parent cup holder
Stroller pack included
Breathable air-mesh fabric
Safe 5-pt harness with comfort pads
Head pillow for added comfort
Multi-position reclining seat
Infant Safety Boot
Compatible with Combi infant seats to create a travel system
Removable and washable seat cushion

I love that the stroller pack and adult cup holder comes with this stroller. I have seen lots of companies require them to be purchased separately- so it is nice to see it included! There’s ample room up here. I have room for a water bottle, cup, keys, cellphone, and even a small toy or two.

You can see the basket in the above picture and to be honest that is the only thing I am disappointed in with this stroller. I have a hard time fitting my diaper bag in the basket and often times just grab a diaper and wipes to put in the bottom instead of my entire bag.

The Cabria strollers quick 3-Second Fold makes this stroller a breeze to fold compactly. When it is folded it is self-standing which is so helpful when you have your hands full of kids and bags!

Buy It: You can purchase a Combi Cabria for 147.59!

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  1. southerngirl says

    black in color

  2. Vanessa Peterson says

    Flat iron

  3. Christina S says

    this would be perfect ours had an incident in the trunk with some antifreeze and we had to throw it out 🙁

  4. Jessica Smith says

    The flatiron!! Would love to win this!!

  5. love the Manhattan

  6. sutton place

  7. Chelsea L says


  8. Valeria Buderman says

    Sutton place. The black and gray. 🙂

  9. The Manhattan!

  10. Flatiron looks awesome!

  11. Cristina G says

    Love the Manhattan 🙂

  12. Manhattan

  13. Love the Manhattan 😀

  14. Elizabeth P. says

    I like Flatiron 🙂

  15. Flatiron

  16. Flatiron

  17. The Manhatten

  18. I like Sutton Place

  19. Black and gray!

  20. Danielle S says

    I like sutton place!

  21. Brandi Elam says

    I like Sutton Place!

  22. Johanna @ Mama Chocolate says

    I love Sutton Place!

  23. Ashly Lower says


  24. I would like the Sutton Place

  25. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I like Flatiron!

  26. Ashley Whitmoyer says

    I like the flatiron!

  27. I love the Flatiron color combo best.

  28. My favorite is the Manhattan!

  29. I like the manhattan color.

  30. I like the Flatiron color combo.

  31. I like the Flatiron color

  32. Dianna Thomas says

    OMG– I guess the Flatiron is best for us

  33. I like manhattan

  34. Misty Smith says

    I like the flatiron color combo.

  35. Tawnya Staines says

    Manhattan is my fav colour combination!

  36. flatiron

  37. tamra childers says


  38. Flatiron!

  39. I like the Sutton Place color the best.

  40. Carla Garcia says

    i like manhattan

  41. Colleen Maurina says

    My favorite Cabria color is Sutton Place.

  42. Flatiron is my favorite.

  43. Bekah Kuczenski says

    My favorite color is the Sutton place

  44. michelle r says


  45. Chelsea Wong says

    I like the Manhattan.

  46. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I like the flatiron.

  47. Alex Liz Robinson says

    G+: Liz Robinson

  48. Michelle M. says

    Looks like a wonderful easy to use stroller.

  49. Love the manhattan!

  50. Amy Carlson says

    I like Sutton Place

  51. my favorite color combo is the Flatiron

  52. Angie Martinez says

    I like the manhattan color combo.

  53. I like sutton place

  54. I like the black and grey combo

  55. My favorite color choice is “Sutton Place”

  56. Anne E. Perry says

    manhattan color combo.

  57. Love Sutton Place!

  58. Alex Fisher says

    sutton place

  59. MArci Nilsen says

    Definitely Sutton Place

  60. Addison Kat says

    I like the manhattan – red one

  61. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like the flatiron color

  62. The flat iron is my favorite color!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  63. Holly LaCombe says

    I like neutral colors!! That way I will be able to for more than one child! And for.awhile!

  64. Christina Skinner says

    The flatiron color is my favorite but it was a hard choice. I’m not flashy but I even like the red!

  65. Kim Kopecky says

    Sutton Placec

  66. I absolutely love Manhattan! I think it is versatile for both boys and girls!! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway ; )

  67. Harmony B says


  68. onBoard™35 Air Infant Car Seat

  69. Manhattan

  70. i like Manhattan

  71. My favorite is Sutton Place!

  72. The Sutton Place color combo is great!

  73. amy miller says

    flatiron color

  74. Manhattan

  75. Danielle @ Royalegacy says


  76. flatiron is my favorite!

  77. Leslie Guenther says

    Flatiron for my family would be awesome.

  78. I like the Manhattan

  79. Stephanie says

    I like the Manhattan

  80. I like the Flatiron. The cream stripes add a nice touch.

  81. mary dawson says


  82. Manhattan

  83. Amanda S-K says


  84. love flat iron!

  85. the manhattan

  86. flat iron!

  87. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the Manhattan!

  88. I like Sutton PLace

  89. malia palea says

    i love the manhattan

  90. Manhattan

  91. Manhatten

  92. My favorite color is Flatiron! Incidentally, this give away occurs on my son’s first birthday!!!

  93. I like the flatiron or sutton place colors

  94. I like flatiron

  95. Manhattan.

  96. Jan Messali says

    I like the Sutton Place.

  97. I love flatiron 🙂

  98. amy dillard says


  99. I really like the flatiron color:)

  100. I like the Manhattan.

  101. melissa williams says

    i like the sutton place coloring

  102. My favorite is Sutton Place.

  103. Robyn Galloway says

    I like the flatiron combo

  104. Stefanie Elysse Hurtado says

    I like the Sutton Place best!

  105. I like the Flat Iron

  106. Sutton Place color – love the blue hue

  107. I like the Manhattan

  108. Erin Rok says

    I really like the Manhattan pattern. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  109. I like Sutton Place.

  110. Lily Kwan says

    The manhattan color option looks very nice!

  111. Heidi Daily says

    The sutton place color combo is my favorite

  112. kathleen loewer says

    Sutton Place is my favorite

  113. I like the flatiron

  114. I like the Flat Iron

  115. sutton place

  116. My fave is Sutton Place

  117. Michelle Tucker says

    I like the Manhattan. Thanks!

  118. Sutton Place is my favorite.

  119. Tawnya Staines says

    I like how light weight this stroller is

  120. Sounds like a great lightweight stroller ~ thanks for the review.

  121. I really want to purchase this stroller. I am 5’2″ and am afraid it will be too tall for me. Do u know if t will be?

  122. Does someone know how to fold manhattan stroller dowm?>

  123. What a great stroller, like the style of it.

  124. I am so glad I came across your blog before looking anywhere else! Im looking a strollers and was hopeing you’d have a combi stroller review, and you do! I love the light weight, compact size, and cup holders! Actually all of it! TU

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