Halo’s New Big Kids SleepSack

Disclosure: Halo sent me two Big Kids SleepSacks to check out- here are my thoughts!

A couple of weeks ago I asked some of you how to keep blankets on my little one when he slept. Each and every night I was going into his room four or five times during the night cover him again and it literally made me feel like I had a newborn all over again! A few readers suggested sleepsacks- which I had used when he was small but had no idea they made them for toddlers! So I set out to find one that was big enough for Emmitt!


Halo’s brand new Big Kids SleepSacks come in sizes 2/3T and 4/5T and Emmitt is in 2T so I knew they would be perfect for him!  The new Big Kid Sack offers the warmth and security of a SleepSack as well as unique foot openings for mobility when awake. Bedtime routines are important and these SleepSack wearable blankets provide that secure feeling they need to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night- plus I do not have to recover through out the night!


  • 100% polyester.
  • Can be used instead of blankets.
  • Size 2/3T fits 34-40 inches tall, and 4/5T fits 40-46 inches tall.

Halo  Big Kids SleepSack

The Big Kids SleepSack is made of lightweight-knit fabric so it can be worn on top of pajamas during the winter and alone during the summer. The fabric is super soft and only gets softer after each wash. Available in both blue and pink, so you have an option for your prince or princess!

The sack is purposely made a bit large to allow room for kicking, but stay on all night long – problem is, I think it was made a bit to big. If you look at the picture below you will see the sack is way to large for Emmitt, my two year old. It is even a bit long for Carlee, my four year old. It fits Ethan perfectly and he is almost six! Something to think about before you order one!


Buy It: You can purchase the HALO Big Kids SleepSack for 24.99 from Amazon.com, one of our affiliates!

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  1. I need one of these for my 4 year old. He always kicks the blankets off and when I find him in the morning he is curled up in the corner of his bed.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I didn’ t know that htey made sllepsacks for older kids. I wish that these had existed years ago. I am glad that you found it for your kid although I f=guess you had to order the smaller size for him

  3. I didn’t realize they made sleepsacks in larger than infant sizes. It’s a good idea, though perhaps a bit too large here!

  4. Judy Lipcsak says

    This is such a great idea. My grandchildren all kick off the blankets but don’t like the pajamas with feet attached. These sleep sacks could just solve the problem. Thanks

  5. So what size is that one on your kids in the picture? I was thinking of getting the 4/5 for my 2 year old, since he is in 3t clothing, although he is not particularly tall. But Maybe I should go with the 2/3T if that’s the one that is in your pic.

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