Keep Your Toddler In Bed With The Wall Bumpi

Disclosure: Two Hippos provided me Wall Bumpi’s for Emmitt’s bed free of charge to try out.

All of my kids were out of their cribs and into their big kid beds by the time they were 18 months. All accept Emmitt. Emmitt tosses and turns and ends up all contorted in his crib and neither myself or my husband felt he was ready to make the transition- till we found Wall Bumpi’s! Wall Bumpi’s are safe, soft and stylish bed rails that keep kids in bed and off the floor!

A Wall Bumpi has many uses. You can use them as a side or end of the bed rail or as a headboard cushion. They also can be used as a barrier when co-sleeping with your little one. The interior of the Bumpi is made of Polyurethane Flame Retardant  high density foam that is firm to the touch. The cover is 100% Cotton Upholstery Canvas that can easily be removed and washed if needed.

480659_10200681665678285_281039547_nAs you can see in the picture above, we use ours as bed rails. We put one on the outside edge of the bed and one on the inside edge against the hard wall. Installation of the rails was easy as pie. Each of the bumpers has a cotton webbed belt that secures the Bumpi to the bed- no tools necessary. They do not stop the tossing and turning, but they keep Emmitt where he is supposed to be.

946703_10200889888163717_817409843_nBuy It: You can purchase a Classic Wall Bumpi from for $65.00-$71.00, depending on what size you need.

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  1. Tiffany Schmidt says

    Do you find the pieces cumbersome in his bed? And is the cover removable to wash? Could you also pull it off a bed and use as a family lean pillow for movie night?!!

    • Emmitt was using a toddler sized mattress before moving to his twin bed. To be honest he was scared of how much space he had the first time we tried to make him sleep in it. The Wall Bumpi’s can be placed close together or far apart, making the bed as wide as I want.

      The covers come off and can be washed on cold.

      They are a hard foam, so I would not think they would be comfy to lean on for an entire movie.

  2. I really like that the Wall Bumpi is adjustable. It looks great for keeping little ones secure yet not feeling like a baby.

  3. We are getting ready to move our son from toddler to win bed so we will be needing something like this.

  4. ellen beck says

    This is a nice thing an would work better than pillows or a rolled blanket. Plus it looks nicer too!

  5. Christina Strapp says

    I will have to check these out since we will be moving our toddler to her own bed soon.

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