LifeProof iPad Nüüd Case

Disclosure: LifeProof sent us a Nuud Case to check out.

A couple months ago, Carlee ran down the stairs screaming and yelling something we could not quite understand, but she was really freaked out. Come to find out, Emmitt had tried to give her the iPad- while she was in the bathtub! To say it was broken was an understatement. It literally weighed twice as much as it should have and it would not even begin to turn on. Four hours at the Apple store and a couple hundred dollars later we had a new iPad, but momma was not happy.

My husband and I talked it over and we decided that we had to buy a case for it. iPad cases are not cheap and a good one is hard to find. I do not like the extra bulk cases give the iPad and I hate having to mash the screen through a screen protector. Then I discovered the LifeProof Nüüd case!

With the LifeProof nüüd case for iPad, you can enjoy the iPad during family vacations to the beach or slopes, in the pool, from the kitchen to the workshop, at school, work or play. Like all LifeProof cases, the LifeProof nüüd case is water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof yet provides access to all device functions. LifeProof nüüd is also the only all-protective case for iPad that puts nothing between the user and the device screen, delivering perfect visual clarity and an uncompromised touch experience, while giving users confidence to enjoy their iPad anywhere life takes them. TheLifeProof nüüd protects both iPad 2/3/4 devices.

Hold up, wait a minute… Was this case designed for me?! This means I can sneak my iPad in the bathtub with me to read a book? Or  let the kids watch it at a restaurant with out having a heart attack every time liquid is touched- yes this case I had to have!

LifeProof iPad Nüüd Case

Protection Includes:

  • Water Proof: Fully submerge to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes.
  • Dirt Proof: Totally sealed from dirt and minute dust particles.
  • Snow Proof: Fully enclosed to keep out all melting snow and ice.
  • Shock Proof: Designed to Military Standards to withstand drops from 4 feet


I was worried at first it was gonna add a ton of weight to my already heavy iPad, but the light weight construction was very impressive. I was hardly able to tell, weight wise that i had added a case. Every feature of the iPad is fully accessible and functional, including the volume controls, silent / screen lock, sleep button, home button and access to the charge and sync connector port- which is always appreciated on a case. Plus the large speaker ports don’t interfere with sound quality at all!

I also really love that the case can be used on the iPad 2, 3 and 4. We have a 2 now and will most likely upgrade to a 3 or 4 once we are ready to. Because it fits all models, there is no reason for us to have to buy a new case!

It is so nice to be able to tote my iPad around with out having to worry about it breaking. Dirt, food and water are no issues now that it is protected by the case!

LifeProof iPad Nüüd Case

Further enhancing the iPad experience, LifeProof accessories let users get the most out of their iPads. Accessories include:

LifeProof Shoulder and Hand Straps ($34.99): The LifeProof Shoulder Strap allows users to carry their iPad without the need for a bag, while keeping hands free for other tasks and keeps the iPad close at hand between uses. The durable, lightweight strap is adjustable and can be used to carry the iPad vertically or horizontally for maximum comfort and convenience.

The LifeProof Hand Strap for iPad gives users a way to easily hold the iPad in one hand while on the job and gives kids a more secure way to hang on while playing a game or surfing the web. The high quality neoprene band is incredibly comfortable, while rubberized dots add security by eliminating accidental slips or drops. Fully adjustable, the hand strap fits any size hand.

LifeProof LifeJacket for iPad ($59.99): The LifeProof LifeJacket allows the iPad in its LifeProof case to float in water and increases the shock protection for extra defense against drops. Users are free to take their iPad into the pool, fishing by the lake, sailing offshore or anywhere they may encounter water.

Cover + Stand for LifeProof nüüd Case ($29.99): Available since August, the Cover + Stand protects the iPad when not in use or when on the road. It also doubles as a stand for watching movies or angling the iPad for the optimal typing angle. It is available separately or in a package with the LifeProof case for $149.99.

Buy It: You can purchase the LifeProof Nuud Case for 89.95 from, one of our affiliates!

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  1. This sounds like covers all potential disasters! I really like the lifejacket, as it would be great to relax on the lake and enjoy a good book on my ipad.

  2. Sherri Lewis says

    I like that it can be used for more than one version, so if you upgrade you won’t have to go out and buy another one of those as well….. wish all products were that way!

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This cover sound like it covers all the problems.. I need to buy a case soon

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    It is good that this case can be for moe than 1 version of iPad. This cover sound like it covers all the problems.. I need to buy a case soon.

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