Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Score Basketball

My husband and I take our kids to the park quite often. They love to swing and go down the slides but what they really want to do is play ball on the basketball court. However the hoops are far to high and normal sized basketballs are just too big for their hands. So I set out to find one that would work for them- and I found the perfect one from Little Tikes!

The Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Score Basketball is an adjustable basketball set that encourages active play and introduces children to competitive play in a way that allows them to succeed with the right amount of challenge. Perfect for kids Ages 1 1/2 to 5 years!

As soon as the Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Score Basketball Set arrived I took it right out of the box. The kids immediately knew what was and were so excited! I was a bit nervous when I saw that there was some assembly required but after only a few minutes our hoop was ready to go! The base has an opening that you can add sand to so it is more secure and won’t tip over, however we decided not to do this quite yet because we move the hoop quite often. As soon as the basketball set was ready, we took it outside to give it a go!

The Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Score Basketball set adjusts to six heights, from 2 to 4 feet, and includes a junior sized basketball.  On the lowest setting, Emmitt had no issue what so all getting the ball into the over sized basket.

At the lowest setting, it was  a bit to easy for the older kids. But with a simple pull of the red handle I adjusted the basketball hoop higher and the older kids had much more of a challenge! All of our kids have so much fun with this basketball set and both mom and dad approve of it because it can be used both inside and outside!

Buy It: You can purchase the Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Score Basketball Set for 31.00 from It also comes in a pink color just for little girls!

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