LUME Jr. Sleeve Boots

Disclosure: The Jr Sleeve Boots in the feature below were sent compliments of LUME!

Shoe shopping for Carlee is always hard. Boot shopping is even harder. She loves to splash in puddles and tread through snow, but she is picky when it comes to any shoe that goes above her ankle. I tried boots with characters. I tried boots that lit up. What I didn’t try was a normal boot, with amazing features- like the LUME!

Lume BootsThe girl’s LUME Jr. Sleeve in Carnation Pink is the perfect boot for any Princess! The high quality construction of 100% waterproof rubber and -20 comfort rating in the neoprene, this sleek and stylish rubber rain boot magically transforms to a three season, all-weather boot for your kids.  Carlee can splash in puddles with out her feet getting wet and trudge through snow with out her piggie toes getting cold.

Lume BootsShe loves that they are pink and that the upper material is soft but her very favorite feature is the pocket! The patent pending sleeve on the side of each boot is perfect for her favorite toy of the day!

Lume BootsI really appreciate the versatility of these boots. They are great for bad weather but also go well with skinny jeans or a skirt. They are very similar to Bogs Kids boots, but with out handles and with out the $75.00+ price tag.

Lume BootsBuy It: You can buy your little princess (or prince) a pair of LUME Jr. Sleeve Boots for 48.00 from!

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  1. Tiffany Schmidt says

    These look so comfy for her! And with a touch of pink, they’re absolutely perfect for a little girl!!

  2. It doesn’t rain much here in the Las Vegas desert but I often wished it did so that I could purchase fun rain boots like these for my entire family. I think my daughters would love the pocket too!

  3. christine jessamine says

    I love how cute and durable these look! Love the pink.

  4. Karen Glatt says

    These are just the sweetest boots for a little girl. I like the color and the tread will last a long time, and a very good boot for the winter!

  5. these are so cute..i love the pink.

  6. Sherry Compton says

    Very cute! I really like that your princess loves them. Of course kids want to splash in puddles, walk through mud…and you don’t want their nice boots to be ruined but they don’t want “ugly” shoes either. This is a great mix, and the pocket is a real bonus.

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