Monster 500: Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set

Disclosure: The track set seen below was sent compliments of Monster 500.

Round up your scariest racers to face off in the death-defying Fast Lane Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Playset.

IMG_9892This set starts off your racing team with a Drac Attack racer and trading card. Just connect the track pieces, screw the skull launcher onto any flat surface, then press down!

IMG_9898Fearless drivers fly down a daredevil drop and speed through a swinging pendulum. Danger is imminent, but if a villain is victorious, an eye-popping skull end piece raises a checkered flag! Eternal glory awaits you at the finish line… if you survive!

IMG_9902The Fast Lane Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Playset includes 10 track pieces (that connect easily and are compatible with other track sets), 8 connectors, a skull launcher, a pendulum with base, a skull end piece, a Drac Attack racer. The included Drac Attack drives a coffin cruiser with rolling wheels; a bonus trading card includes his stats and a code to unleash a vehicle in the free Monster 500 Racing App.

There are ten fast and freaky Monster 500 small vehicles that kids can collect to use on the Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set. They are available in a single or 3-pack. Every car comes with a trading card. Each trading card has a Monster 500 Code that unlocks a monster car in the free Monster 500 Racing App.

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