Munchkin 7oz Click Lock Trainer Cup

Munchkin’s new line of Click Lock Cups are just right because they click- literally! These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal – guaranteed. You can see, hear and feel the cup lock, so you know for sure you are leak and spill proof!

Munchkin’s Click Lock Trainer Cup has a handle on each side to make grasping, and learning to drink from a sippy cup easier!

Does it leak? A little bit. There is no valve for this cup and the top is soft, so a bit of liquid does come out if Emmitt throws it. As long as the lid is properly clicked into place we only have leaks if it gets thrown around. Clicking the lid into place is super easy- just tighten till you hear the click. The tabs on the lids sides of the cup ‘run over’ a bump on the top of the cup and make a ‘click’ing noise!

Does it keep the drink cold? This cup is not insulated so we really only use it at home, it keeps drinks cold for about 45 minutes.

Does it fit in a cup holder/my child’s hands? The cup is one of the easiest cups for my one year old to tote around with him- but it does not fit into cup holders because of the handles.

How many pieces to make the cup work? Hard or soft top? There are only two pieces to this cup- the lid and the actual cup. The spout is soft, but very bite resistant.

Mom’s favorite feature? I have two features of this cup I love!

  1. It is are dad and daycare friendly- If you have to leave your little one with someone else they are going to have to feed them. Many times I have come home to a mess on the floor or a soaked child because the lid was not put on the sippy cup right. With this cup; who ever screws the lid on waits for the click, and they are good to go!
  2. It is only two pieces and the two pieces are large-Having only two pieces together makes me reach for this cup more often than others, I also can always find the lid because the handles are attached to it!

Does my child like it? This cup is one of Emmitt’s favorites. He spends more time carrying it around than he does drinking it!

How much are they? The Munchkin 9oz Click Lock Insulated Big Kid Cup is sold at various retailers. The cheapest I found was 3.99 for a single cup!

  • Walmart- $3.99
  • Target- $4.99

Any downsides? Because it is not insulated I am leary of putting milk or juice in it. It normally ends up with just water!

Specs: The Munchkin Click Lock Insulated Trainer Cup is best for ages 6months+ and holds 7oz!

Trying these cups out is 100% worth it because Munchkin is so confident these new cups are mess-free, they promise with a 100% replacement guarantee if you have leaks!


  1. I am really loving your sippy cup reviews! I don’t know if I will get this particular cup because my child LOVES to swing them all around and it’d probably get everywhere if it leaks a little. Thanks for the honest review!

  2. I love how this is so easy for them to carry around!! I agree, I am loving having the chance to see how all of these sippy cups compare. We are getting into that stage and I love knowing how they work without having to buy several and then not liking them. Thanky ou!!

  3. So refreshing to read an honest review! Most reviewers would not have put that it leaks a little but I sure would have as well. Love it! Keep Up The GREAT WORK!!

  4. Avatar Sarah Allen says:

    I love this cup! They work well and I haven’t had issues with them spilling/leaking at all!

  5. We haven’t tried this cup but I am nervous if it might leak. We have had some bad experiences over the years. I DO love the large parts/pieces though.

  6. Your son is sooo cute and this is a great review!

  7. Avatar Rebecca Smith says:

    I’ve been through over 5 sippy cups with my little 11 month old girl.. she’s never taken a bottle, has been EBF for almost a year and I have to wean her (since she is going to her father’s for a month this summer) in a month and a half… this sippy sounds promising, here’s to hoping it’s the one that works!

  8. Avatar Sarah Smith says:

    The spout actually comes off the lid. It’s three pieces not 2 and it will et yucky stuff in there, so please watch out! When I saw it I was like, EWW!

  9. We love this cup too and use the mighty grips by Munchkin as well. Their home website has replacement valves for the mighty grips but not the click tops – my 2 year old chews thru them on a regular basis – before investing in any more do you know if there are replacement valves available? Thanks!!

  10. Does the baby have to suck on this cup to get liquid out?

  11. Avatar Mrs. Wright says:

    I tried sucking from the cup because my child could not get anything out, but nothing comes out.

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